Friday, July 12, 2013

Detroit Lions training camp preview cornerback


Chris Houston 7th year 4th in Detroit 43 games 166 tackles 37 PBU 8 int 5 year contract
2013 Salary Cap: $2,300,000
W/L 17/27

A key re-signing for Detroit. He signed 5 year contract. CH23 is ranked #23 in 2012 and 2011 he started out strong in 2012 but slumped late including a 2 td night vs. Atlanta. Chris is still solid and can cover a lot of WR in the NFL.

Darius Slay Rookie 2nd round pick 4 year contract
2013 Salary Cap: $961,691

Good size and speed guy. The knee injury seems to be behind him as he took part in most OTAs and mini camp. Aggressive and can play the ball in air. He better learn fast because he will be thrown into the fire.


Dwight Bentley 2nd year 15 tackles 4 games 3 starts 3 years on his contract
2013 Salary Cap: $637,278
W/L 2/2

Bentley struggled in his rookie year. He gave 14/17 196 yards 4 missed tackles and 5 penalities. He had two shoulder surgeries in the off-season. Small but quick and can break on the ball. Must play inside because he cannot locate the ball in the air.

Ronald Bartell 9th year 2nd in Detroit 1 start 9 tackles in PBU 1 year on contract
2013 salary cap: $1 mil
W/L 0/1

Picked up late in 2012 after injuries took out Bentley, Lacey and Greenwood. He performed well against Chicago and showed he some fuel in the tank. Not a shoo in for the team but is good insurance.

Jonte Green 2nd year 15 games 5 starts 29 tackles 1 int 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Hit: $504,250
W/L 4/11

Ranked in #57 in 2012. The opponents threw 26/39 304 4 td 4 Missed tackle 4 penalties. He was a 6th round pick and played like one. Hopefully, he has improved.

Chris Greenwood 2nd year in Detroit 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $528,000

Spent the whole season on PUP. Greenwood is small school kid from Albion but he has all of the tools. Hopefully, he can cover kicks until he learns how to play CB in the NFL.

Domonique Johnson 5th year 1st in Detroit 17 NFL games 1 year contract
2013 Salary Cap: $555,000

DJ was signed from the Redskins after his release early in 2013. He has size and experience to make a team in the NFL. Accroding to Dave Birkett has a legit shot at making the Lions.

DeQuan Menzie 2nd year 1st in Detroit 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $446,000

A wiaver claim from KC. An Alabama product who played the slot Saban. Cannot play oustide because he is slow. A good tackler with a feel for the blitz, I would be surprised he made the team.

Ross Weaver 4th year 3rd in Detroit. 6 tackles in preseason.
2013 Salary Cap: $405,000

A practice squad signing in 2011, he has stuck around for a couple years. A MSU and Southfield High grad, he is on his last chance.

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