Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RB Aaron Brown signs with Bengals

Former Detroit Lions RB Aaron Brown has signed with the Bengals.

AB was 6th round pick in 2009. He played 22 games and rushed for 189 yards, caught 18 passes and 95 1 KOR yards.

Here is a tribute

Good Luck AB

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Lions free agents

Thoughts on the Lions free agents
DE Cliff Avril UFA
Avril is the key to the whole equation. He is demanding around $10-$12 million a year deal. We probably cannot afford  that. Our limit is probably around $6-$7 million.

Analysis: Avril is a one-dimensional player albeit a very good dimenison- pass rush. He had 11 sacks and 6 Forced Fumbles last season. a total and complete liability against the run and injury prone. He is not Julius Peppers. Someone might pay him, I think the Lions should not over spend on him.

Scenario # 1- Pay him. You then to lose probably Corey Williams ($4.9 mil) and Stephen Tulloch. Draft focus then shifts to DT and LB.

Scenario # 2- Franchise Him- Still lose Corey and Tulloch. Now have to draft DE, DT and LB.

Scenario # 3- Let Him go. Keep Corey and Tulloch. Pick up a 3rd Round pick. Draft a DE. Start LJ or Willie Young.

At this point I would chose # 3.

OT Jeff Backus UFA
Backus is 34 years old coming off of a Torn Biceps in the Saints game. Had a good second half of the year. The Lions have no one ready to step in for him since Jason Fox cannot stay healthy and Johnny Culbreath cannot stay off the weed.

Analysis: Sign him for two years. Little guaranteed money. If we can draft a tackle like Mike Adams @ 23 You let him go or he becomes a back up.

LB Bobby Carpenter UFA
Carpenter is a veteran back up LB. His play really dropped off last season. He struggled in his starts when Durant had a concussion and was not a force on special teams.

Analysis: Maybe a minimum veteran deal if we lose Tulloch. The best case is does not make the team.

S Erik Coleman UFA
Coleman was brought in as a back up saefty and special teams guy. Injured versus Dallas, he played in only 4 games. Burned often in the preseason, he did not challenge Spievey.

Analysis: Lions need a safety, a starting safety, which Coleman is not. Could fill a role as a special teams player.

OL Leonard Davis UFA
Davis was brought in midseason for depth. He did not appear in a game. He is 35 years old and unlikely to be brought in as a strarter. The Lions need to develop young players inside, so hopefully he will not be back.

WR-CB Rashied Davis UFA
Davis the Lions two-way player was brought in as 4th receiver and special teams guy. Struggled with an injury early and finished with 7 tackles and 4 catches. The Lions need to develop young receivers so hopefully he will not be back.

LB Isaiah Ekejiuba
Two year Lions player at LB, Was lost for the season early this year. The Lions need to develop young players at LB so hopefully he will not be back.

DT Andre Fluellen UFA
Rod Marinelli fav Andre Fluellen has been a four year swing player for the Lions. Probably will not be back unless the Lions have to cut Corey Williams. Flu was not producitve when LJ and Willie Young were injured. Maybe he can sign with Marinelli in Chicago.

P Ben Graham UFA
 38 year old Graham, a former Aussie football player, filled in well. With Ryan Donohue back next season, it is unlikely we will retain his services.

S Chris Harris UFA
Harris cut by the Bears after the Monday Night game was picked by Detroit and started 5 games. He did not play well. According to Pro Football Focus he was the 2nd worst tackler at Safety in the NFL. Coupled with his inability to cover anyone except Kyle Rudolph. He will not be back. If he is we are in trouble.

RB Jerome Harrison UFA
Harrison was diagnosed with a brain tumor after a trade for Ronnie Brown was voided. Hope he is doing well.

QB Shaun Hill UFA
A decent back up, Hill would be wise to sign back up. He made $2.2 million in 2011. That is probably a good salary for him.

CB Brandon McDonald UFA
Two year veteran of the Lions struggled this season. Cannot cover outside and can only play zone inside. A pretty good tackler has worth on special teams. Will not be back.

RB Maurice Morris UFA
A three year veteran with the Lions, he averaged 4 yards a carry and caught 26 passes. Made very few explosive plays in 2011. Will not not be back.

LS Don Muhlbach
An 8 year veteran and one of Millen's best pick ups. He should be back.

RB Kevin Smith UFA
4 year veteran at RB. Smith came off the couch to ave 4.9 a carry and catch 22 passes. Most of his damage was done against the horrible Panthers defense. Sprained his ankle on a non-contact play vs. the Packers. Hopefully, he will not be back in 2012.

QB Drew Stanton UFA
A Millen pick could stick around as a 3rd QB again in 2012. The Lions could try to find a young guy to groom as Stafford's back up however.

WR Maurice Stovall UFA
Stovall was the 5th receiver and special teams gunner in 2011. He caught 1 pass and had 7 tackles on the year. Will not be back.

LB Stephen Tulloch UFA
All depends on the Cliff Avril and Calvin Johnson situation. Lions need to to find around $4-5 million per year to keep him. Best LB since Earl Holmes got hurt. If we lose him we will have to move Levy back to the middle and find a Will backer.
CB Eric Wright UFA
Wright started all 16 games last season. He was third on the team with 74 tackles and had 4 picks. Limited cap space and competition on the market may bring Wright back. The Lions have Chris Houston, Aaron Berry, Alphonso Smith, Don Carey and Ross Weaver under contract. Depending what happens with Avril and the draft, Wright might be back.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meeting Billy Sims

Saturday met my favorite Lions player of all-time Billy Sims at the 97.1 Ticket Sports Fest.

Here are the scenes

Mr. C, son and Billy Sims
Son and Miss Michigan Elizabeth Wertenberger

Son and Roary
Son and Paws
Go Lions