Monday, July 8, 2013

Detroit Lions training camp preview TE


Brandon Pettigrew 5th year 57 games 54 starts 243 rec 2414 yards 14 td 2 Fumbles lost last year of contract
2013 Cap: $3,470,000
W/L 22/36

A terrible year for Bobbles Pettigrew. He ranked #57 on PFF falling from #45 in 2011. His blocking was average and that is improvement from 2011 and 2010 but his receiving was the worst in the NFL. He caught only 59% of his targets and led the team in drops with 18. At his best, he is a solid blocker and good middle of field receiver. We have yet to see his best.

Tony Scheffler 8th year 4th year with Detroit 45 games 13 starts 113 rec 1226 8 td last year of his contract
2013 cap: $2.95 mil
W/L 20/26

Once upon a time, Scheff was a TD dancing, middle of the field deep threat miss match weapon. Last season, he was terrible. He led the team in interceptions targeted with 8. His targets were only 50% in receptions. 8 drops. Many in the media have decided he wiull be replaced by Fauria. He needs a good camp.

3rd Guy:

Michael Williams rookie 7th round pick. 4 year contract
2013 cap: $421,287

Williams will replace Will Heller at the blocking TE this year. Slow but has good hands. Will surpise in this role.


Joseph Fauria rookie UDFA 3 year contract
Cap: $409, 166

A possible replacement for Scheffler at the move TE. 6'8" with hands a great red zone player. I think he makes the roster.

Shaun Chapas 3rd year 2nd with Detroit 1 rec 6 yards last year of contract
2013 cap: $555,000
W/L 0-3

Chapas is looking to the Fullback on this team. I cannot see the Lions keeping him on the roster. With depth at TE, RB and WR, Chapas will be on the street.

Matt Veldman 2nd year 1st with the Lions.

Another move guy. Spent last season on IR for the Jags. Good athlete needs strength. Has a future in the NFL.

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