Friday, July 12, 2013

Detroit Lions training camp preview Linebackers

Linebacker is the weakness of the Lions

Stephen Tulloch 8th year 3rd year in Detroit 32 Starts 223 tackles 3.5 sacks 4 years left on contract
2013 Cap Hit: $4,800,000
W/L 14/19

Nothing was more disappointing in 2012 than the play of Tulloch. In 2011, Tully was a awesome. He ranked #6 in PFF ILB rankings. He stopped the run and covered the pass. In 2012, he could not cover and he missed 24 tackles. His ranking dropped to #35. We pay the guy and than suddenly he cannot play.

DeAndre Levy 5th year 57 games 50 starts 308 tackles 5 picks 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap Hit: $2 mil

A puzzling move was the signing of Levy to a three year contract. He was been horrible the lst two years. He ranked # 35 in 2011 and # 40 in 2012. There were 42 players ranked. Out of position and slow, Levy ranks near the bottom of the NFL in both run stops and coverage. He missed 13 tackles and had 10 bad plays in 2012. He allowed 3 touchdowns in coverage.

Ashlee Palmer 5th year 4th in Detroit 48 games 7 starts 78 tackles 1 sack 2 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $1,333,333
W/L 20/29

A great year for Palmer in 2012. He named to PFF all-pro for special teams and he won both of his starts subbing for Levy. His strength is stopping and the run. He is poor in coverage and will be replaced in the nickel.

Back Ups

Tahir Whitehead 2nd year 14 games 10 tackles 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $533,000
W/L 3/11

A special teams guy in 2012. Should be in the mix for time at OLB. Good kid may have a future.

Travis Lewis 2nd year 13 games 5 tackles 3 years on contract
2013 salary cap hit: $494,793

A 7th round pick in 2012 after a unltra productive career at Oklahoma. He has a good football IQ but is really slow. He played 3 snaps on D and made 1 tackle. Probably a middle but will get work outside. I do not think he can hold up due to a lack of speed.

Cory Greenwood 4th year 1st in Detroit 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $650,000

A special teams demon with experience at LB. He will make the squad and back up Tully at MLB.

Carmen Messina 2nd year 2 years on contract 14 tackle 1 pick preseason
2013 Salary Cap: $ 406,667

Messina has a chance to make the squad as the back MLB. Solid and a good tackler but lacks speed. Another year on the practice squad.

Brandon Hepburn Rookie 7th round pick 4 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap Hit: $416,474

A good chance for practice squad in 2012. Has speed but lacks size. Might have a future on the team.

Alex Elkins Rookie UDFA 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap Hit: $406,666

A good athlete with limited experience. He survived a hamstring injury at rookie camp and made it to cmap. Has a chance at the practice squad.

Jon Morgan Rookie UDFA 3 years on contract
Cap hit: $ 406,333

Small school guy from Albany. A spot is not likely.

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