Saturday, July 13, 2013

Detroit Lions training camp preview Safety


Glover Quin 5th year 1st in Detroit 63 NFL Games 5 year contract
2013 Salary Cap Hit: $2,050,000

One of the premier safeties in the NFL at run support, he ranks in the top #5 according to Pro Football Focus. On the other hand, he was one of the wrost in coverage. He ranked # 40 overall giving up 54% in coverage with 6td and missing 7 tackles. A durable player who will give the Lions some stability.

Louis Delmas 5th year 49 starts 267 tackles 3 int 4 fr 2 years on his contract
2013 Salary Cap $1,215,000
W/L 16/34

A solid overall safety when healthy, Delmas is good in run support and in man coverage. He shows limited ability to play the ball with only 3 career picks. His knee is a concern and will limit his playing time and practice during the week. He ranked #51 in 2012 and #38 in 2011.

3rd Guy

Don Carey 5th year 3rd in Detroit 14 games 6 starts 50 tackles 2 picks last year of contract
2013 Salary Cap: $680,000

a solid # 3 with good run support and average coverage ability. A strong special teams player who was 2nd to Palmer in tackles on special teams. He ranked # 28 by PFF 4 missed tackles and 2 penalities. Opposing QB were 7/18/2 106 yard 0 td against him.

Back ups:

Amari Spievey 4th year 35 games 26 starts 142 tackles 5 picks. last year on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $630,000

Actually played well in 2012 however he was hurt the 2nd half of the season with a brain injury. Great at running the ally in run support but struggled in coverage. Could challegne Carey for the 3rd spot if healthy. Really good special teams player. One concussion away from retirement.

Tyrell Johnson 6 years 2nd in Detroit 53 NFL games 3 tackles last year on contract
2013 Salary Cap :$ 715,000
W/L 0/4

A size, speed guy with NFL experience. He came on late in 2012 and the staff showed confidence in him. He will challenge for the 4th spot and will have to make his name on special teams.

Ricardo Silva 3rd year 14 games 6 starts 43 tackles 1 pick lst year on contract
2013 Salary Cap Hit: $555,000

Former practice squad guy who rose to starter. Struggled with the scheme and coverage. He gave up 8/15/1 128 yards 0td in coverage in 2012. He was ranked #68 in PFF rankings. Not going to make the team.

Chris Hope 12th year 1st in Detroit 163 NFL Games 1 year on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $ 555,000

A veteran of three NFL teams and a superbowl ring. He played for Schwartz in Tennessee and has been signed for insurance. If Speivey and Delmas are healthy he wont make the team.

John Wendling 7th year 4th in Detroit 48 games 4 starts 83 tackles last year on contract
2013 Salary Cap Hit: $938,333
W/L 20/29 

A good special teams player and terrible safety. His inability to contribute in the secondary will mean he gets cut.

Martavius Neloms Rookie UDFA 3 years on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $406,333

An UDFA out of Kentucky, he played both S and CB in his career. Maybe practice squad.

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