Thursday, February 28, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview linebackers

Using data from
77% of three year starters ran under 4.75 in the 40,
62% of three starters ran under 4.27 20 yard shuttle.
77% jumped over 33" in the vert

Met all three
Zavier Gooden Missouri

Met two
Jon Bostic Florida
Jamie Collins Southern Miss
Kasheem Greene Rutgers
Sio Moore UCONN
Alex Ogletree UGA
Cornelius Washington UGA (DE)
Travado Williams UCONN

Red Flags
11% of three years starters ran over 4.83
Bench under 16 reps 0 became three year starters
2 of 34 three year starters were under 6 foot
DeVonte Holloman South Carolina 15 reps
Brandon McGee ASU 5'11"
John Lotulelei Utah 5'11" 4.84
Sam Barrington USF 4.91
Steve Beauharnais Rutgers 4.84
Keith Pough Howard 4.9
Bruce Taylor Va Tech 5.01
Chase Thomas Stanford 4.91

Detroit Lions draft preview safeties

 Using data from

62% of three year starters ran under 4.55.
68% of three year starters ran under 7.03 in the 3 cone drill.

Here are the guys who fit both criteria

Keelan Johnson ASU 4.54 and 6.77
Eric Reid LSU 4.49 and 6.99
Shawn Williams UGA 4.46 and 7.01

These guys ran under 4.55 but did not run the 3 cone drill
Matt Elam Florida
Sharko Thomas Syracuse
Earl Wolff NC State

Red flags
8% of three year starters ran over 4.71
Tony Jefferson Oklahoma
Brad McDonald Kansas
Zeke Motta Norte Dame

6% of three year starters jumped under 31.5"
Damion Stafford Nebraska

Detroit Lions draft preview Cornerbacks

These players fit the matrix for a three starter at CB under 4.51 in the 40 and over 35.5" in the Vertical Jump
The matrix is from research at Draftmetrics.Com
It states that 81%  of three year starters ran 4.51 or better in the 40.  Also 83% of three year starters jumped higher than 35.5"

Darius Slay Miss State 4.36 35.5"
Dee Milliner Alabama 4.37 36
Desmond Trufant 4.38 37.5"
Robert Alford SE Lou 4.39 40"
Rod Sweeting Ga Tech 4.42 37"
Steve Williams Cal 4.42 40.5"
Xavier Rhodes FSU 4.43 40.5"
David Amerson NC State 4.44 35.5"
Terry Hawthorne Illinois 4.44 35.5"
Dwayne Gratz UCONN 4.47 38"
Will Davis Utah State 4.51 35.5"
BW Webb W&M 4.51 40.5"

On the flip side 0 three year starters ran over 4.64 or jumped under 32.5"
These players are red flagged: Over 4.64 40 or under 32.5" VJ
Josh Johnson Purdue 4.65
Jordan Poyer Oregon State 30.5"
Aaron Hester UCLA 29"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview S Eric Reid

Broke down LSU S Eric Reid. He came out early as a junior like most of team.

Strengths: great tackler. Can run the ally and tackle in the open field. Really made the plays against A&M and South Carolina. Did show coverage skills including some match ups with WR Ryan Swope.

Weakness: Did not show great range or ball skills at centerfield or in deep half.

Bottom line: the Lions could use his guy. He would be an upgrade in run defense over our guys. The question is can he cover enough ground in space? I rate him 6.9 or solid starter as a rookie. 2nd round.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview MSU players

My thoughts on the following MSU Spartans in the 2013 draft:

TE Dion Sims

I like this guy. He can play inline and is effective receiver in the middle field. Because of his size he can be a mismatch for safeties. Faster than you think he can threaten the deep middle in Cover 2. When he was hurt the Spartan offense really sucked. If he played MSU would have beat Michigan.
rating 6.3 solid back up with starter potential. 4th round

DE William Gholston

Loved this guy in 2011 but took a step back in 2012. Did not make dynamic plays rushing the QB or against run. Has great size but lacks a burst. He may have to play in the 3-4 at end. Not a starter in 4-3.
Rating:6 potential but a risk because of play or character. 4th round

RB Leveon Bell

Good player. Can handle the tough carries and catch the ball. I think it will be a good thing to see him in rotation. He could an impact player in the right situation. A poor mans Frank Gore.

Rating: 6.5 rotational player and a starter by year 2. 3rd round

CB Johnny Adams

Loved him in 2010 and 2011 but he struggled in 2012. He has the skill set to be a # 2-3 CB in the league. Could also be washing a car in two year as well. He is a tough evaluation. Boom or bust.

Rating 6.1 skill set but lacks production and good film. 5th round.

LB Chris Norman

Will not pursue football but join the seminary.

Detroit Lions draft preview CB Darius Slay

Broke down some film on CB Darius Slay from Mississippi State, a combine standout.
The film were Auburn, Alabama, Texas A&M and LSU.

Strengths good athlete who can run with receivers. Decent ball in the air corner but does not have good hands. A great gunner on the punt team and contain guy on kickoff.

Weakness Not a great ball corner. Not going to make impact plays but will be steady. Not a great run support guy. Every team targeted him with bubble screens.

Bottom line: has a skill set to be a good CB in the league. He can run and shadow WR. Will contribute on kick teams and play in nickelor dime situations.

6.4 solid back up and special teams guy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Detroit lions draft preview s TJ McDonald

Watched film on TJ McDonald (Arizona, Cal, Stanford) and his work at the senior bowl, I think he is a good football player but I am not sure he is a fit for the Lions scheme.

Strengths he is tough in run support and good at running the ally. Has a good sense of run vs. pass and reacts accordingly. Has shown ability to match up with TE and slot WR.

Weakness I could not get a good look at his ability to play centerfield. He is not a good cover 2 safety. Playing the ball in the air is when he gets lost.

Bottom line: McDonald has the ability to be a good safety in the NFL. He needs the right scheme that allows him to be close to line of scrimmage I rate him as a 6.5 starter early in his career but I think he is a 4th round guy for the Lions.

Detroit Lions draft preview CB Logan Ryan, Jonathan Banks,

Broke down a few corners last week Rutgers Logan Ryan and Mississippi State Jonathan Banks

Ryan is tough kid whose best attribute is run support. He will be best in a zone scheme where he can face the QB. He lacks ball awareness. Many times he fails to look for the ball in man coverage.

Bottom line
Not a real fit or the Lions. He will be a good special teams player but not a guy I would trust as a top 3 CB. Rating 6.2 special teams guy back up. 4or 5th round.

Banks is the type of corner the league is looking for. He is long with good reach. He flashes NFL all skills and a short memory. Not a great player in run support but can cover in man. I rate him as a 6.9 starter as a rookie. 2nd round.


UCONN cb Blidi Wren-Wilson not a physical player. He can run with receivers and play the ball in the air. He doesn't possess great hands. Looks like a possible player down the line. I rate him at 6.3. Rotational payer with start potential. 4th round.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview WR Markus Wheaton

Checked out film on Oregon State WR Markus Wheaton. (Cal, UCLA, BYU, ASU) plus action from Senior Bowl week.

Strengths: NFL receiver. Runs every route. Catches with hands. Makes plays in traffic and elusive in the open field. Good blocker.

Weaknesses plays in PAC 12.

Bottom line: I love this guy. He would fit in with Lions to replace Titus. I rate him at 7 rookie starter with impact. I would give him a thought in the 2nd round.

Detroit Lions draft preview OT Lane Johnson

Went back and checked out the Texas, Texas A&M and Senior Bowl games of Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma.

Strengths: supreme athlete. Can pass block at an elite level. Can extend arms and lock out rushers. Great at finding people to block on the second level. Gave nothing to Moore of A&M. Handled Hunt and Buchanan in the Senior Bowl.

Weakness: maybe drive blocking but was effective in the goal line package.

Bottom line: Real prospect at Left Tackle. I rank him 2nd behind Fisher at Tackle and has value in the top 10-12.  Much better player than Riley Reiff in his draft process.

Detroit Lions draft preview WR Tavon Austin

Broke down WVU RB/WR/KOR Tavon Austin. This guy is exactly what the Lions offense needs. He can make people miss and run away from everybody.

Strengths: Dynamic ball in the hand athlete. Deadly in space yet tough in traffic. Can catch the ball and run after the catch.

weakness: Not a big guy and should be limited to about 12-15 touches a game.

Bottom Line: I love this guy. Game breaker, once in a every 5 year type of player. 7.5 pro bowl impact player.

Detroit Lions draft preview OT Reid Fragel

Broke down OSU OT Reid Fragel this morning watched a couple tapes Wisconsin and Michigan.
He plays right tackle in the spread offense. He is not asked to do a whole lot.

Strengths: Good feet: can get to the second level and does not get beat by speed rushers. Should be able to hold up in protection in the NFL. Plays hard and can bend his knees.

Weakness: Not explosive and does not drive block very well. I doubt he will be a effective run blocker in the league.

Bottom line: A guy who can probably start in the NFL down the line. I like him as a swing tackle but not a top flight tackle. 6.4 solid rotational player.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview OT Terron Armstead

Watched two games on combine superstar Terron Armstead from Arkansas-Pine Bluff, the SWAC

Strengths: he is really good at getting to the second level and blocking LB. Another strength is pulling and leading on the WR screen.

Weakness: He is a grabber and plays with little upper body pop. He was called for holding twice vs. Alabama State. In addition, he opens the gate while pass blocking, failing to keep his shoulders square.

Bottom line: Armstead is an athlete no doubt but not a finished product at OT. I do not think,he is a starter at OT in the NFL next year. He needs coaching and experience. The Lions should not draft this guy in the first three rounds. A team with less immediate needs could risk him in the 3rd round. I think anything before that would be a reach.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Detroit Lions 9 which free agents to re-sign

Martin Mayhew said he was targeting 9 Lions free agents out of the 22 eligible.

Here are the 9, I would target:

#1 Chris Houston CB

Slowgrind with a pick 6 in 2011
Chris played well for us ranking #21 in the NFL at cb. He ranked # 19 in 2011 and # 52 in 2010. I would be weary of paying him over $5 million a year. 3 year $15 million would be about right.

#2 Lawrence Jackson DE

SnapsRunRushTacklesSacksQBH Stops BPGPPenMTDH


LoJack should re-signed. He is a rotational end that will help to replace the released KVB. He ranked # 39 at DE this year #18 in 2011 and #16 in 2010. 3 years $6mill.

#3 Sammie Hill DT
SnapsRunRushTacklesSacksQBH Stops BPGPPenMTDH


A good rotational guy at DT for the Lions. Ranked # 24 in 2012, #30 in 2011, #19 in 2010. He is not a starter in the NFL but can contribute as a back up. 3 years $5million.
#4 Corey Hilliard OT

A guy who did not play a snap in 2012 but can start at RG or RT. He started in 2010 during the 4 games winning streak, In 2011 he replaced Cherlius early in the season. 2 years $3 million

#5 Will Heller TE



Solid back up Te and FB. Does not get hurt and does his job. 1 year vet Min.

#6 Jason Hanson K

One more year for Jason, $1.5 Mil

#7 Don Muhlbach

Pro Bowl Snapper 1 year $1 mil.

#8 Justin Durant OLB



A solid player against the run. Terrible vs. the pass. Has some gas in the tank. Ranks #18 in 2012 #14 in 2011. 2 years $5 Million

#9 Andre Fluellen

A Millen draft pick but has played with a lot of heart. Can play speical teams and both end or tackle. 1 year vet min.

Guys I would not offer:

DeAndre Levy
Cliff Avril

Drayton Florence
Pat Lee
Kevin Smith
Stefan Logan
Jacob Lacey
Nick Harris
Gosder Cherlius

Maybe at the right price and medical clearence

Louis Delmas
Corey Williams

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview Shawn Williams, Bacarri Rambo, Alec Ogletree

Thoughts on these UGA defenders:

Shawn Williams Safety.

Williams is a punishing hitter. He is eager in run support and plays really hard. However, I question if he will play safety in the NFL. I saw a player who struggles in space and has little coverage ability. The Lions would have to play him at outside linebacker. I grade him at 6.2 as special teams player and a possible NFL starter. I would not draft him until the 5th round.

Bacarri Rambo safety

Rambo showed the skills of an NFL safety. He can play centerfield and be a force in run support. I did not see him cover man to man. His off the field problems may effect his stock but I think he can start in the NFL The Lions could use this guy in their scheme. I grade him at 6.5 a starter in the NFL and core special teams player. 3 rd round.

Alec Ogletree Linebacker

Great athlete who can fly around the field. He can run to the ball and strike ball carriers. His ability to rush the passer is a plus. He is not a MLB. The Lions would play him at OLB where he would be a three down player. He lacks bulk to pay inside I the 4-3. I rate him at 6.9. Rookie starter in the NFL. 2nd round.
Off the field risk with suspensions and DUI.

Detroit lions draft preview safety Elam, Jefferson, Cyprien

Broke down S Matt Elam Florida

Explosive hitter against the run. He is an NFL caliber player in run support. His weakness is in coverage. I saw very little evidence of his man skills. I would be weary of him covering bigger Tight Ends. He did play well in centerfield, however. I see him as a stud special teams player and a starter early in his career at safety. His lack of size limits his skill set. I rate him 6.8 or starter in his rookie year. He is not a great fit for Lions scheme. I would not take him in the first two rounds.

Tony Jefferson S Oklahoma

Good athlete with range. Reacts well to the run and is eager to support. Can be out of control and miss tackles because he does not break down. Will play centerfield with a good ball skills. I did notice in 2 different games that he made coverage mistakes that led to touchdowns. He is a good open field tackler.

I think his skill set is what the Lions look for. He can run and play the ball in the air. However, his penchant to make mental errors and miss tackles hurts his rating. I would not take him in the first three rounds. I rate him 6.3 potential to start in his career.

Jonathan Cyprien S FIU

I like this guy. Can do everything an NFL safety has to do to thrive. He is great on run support. He can match up with tight ends and play centerfield. Out of the safeties I have scouted in this draft so far I would chose this guy. Perfect fit for the Lions and their scheme. I would think he would be a great value for their second round pick. I rate him as a 7, impact starter as a rookie.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Detroit Lions history of the veteran Safety- George Wilson

Here is a M & M (Millen & Mayhew) review of veteran safeties they have acquired:

Erik Coleman 2011-2012
16 games 7 starts
49 tackles 1 int
Chris Harris 2011
8 games 5 starts
21 tackles 1 int
C.C. Brown 2010
15 games 8 starts
46 tackles
Marquand Manuel 2009
9 games 6 starts
36 tackles
Kalvin Pearson 2008-2009
28 games 10 starts
90 tackles
Ko Simpson 2009
8 games 5 starts
30 tackles 1 int
Marvin White 2009
10 starts 6 games
45 tackles

Dwight Smith 2008
10 games 7 starts
41 tackles

Idrees Bashir 2007
9 games 1 starts
20 tackles 1 int

Kenoy Kennedy 2005-2007
42 games 40 starts
252 tackles 6 int

Brock Marion 2004
16 starts
88 tackles 3 ints
Brian Walker 2002-2004
26 games 25 starts
129 tackles 2 ints

Corey Harris 2002-2003
29 starts
138 tackles 2 int

Bonus: Draft

Amari Spievey 2010-2012
30 games 24 starts
121 tackles 5 picks
Louis Delmas 2009-2012
49 starts
267 tackles 3 int

Gerald Alexander 2007-2008
20 games 17 starts
88 tackles 2 int
1 broken neck

Daniel Bullocks 2006-2008
31 games 22 starts
168 tackles
Terence Holt 2003-2006
53 games 43 starts
8 int 172 tackles