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The Road to 0-16 the Marinelli years

1/18/2006 Lions hire Rod Marinelli as the Head Coach

Rod Marinelli went 10-38 as the Head Coach

We can go 0-16 together

3/14/2006 Lions re-sign DE Kalimba Edwards

Edwards struggling in Detroit

He signed a 5 year $20 million contract with $8 mil guaranteed. New defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson recruited Edwards to stay after being courted by the Cleveland Browns. In 2005, Edwards recorded 7 of his 20 career sacks. He will only record 6 more sacks in his final 24 games. with Lions.

4/29/2006 Lions draft OLB Ernie Sims

After the failure of 2nd round picks Boss Bailey (51 starts 7 sacks 2 int) and Ted Lehman (16 starts 1 sack 2 int), the Lions reach for the small LB Ernie Sims at pick #9. A great athlete who ran 4.5 and had 41" VJ at the combine but possessed zero instincts for the ball. He signed a 5 year $15.73 million contract. He played 59 games with 2.5 sacks 1 int 2 FR. After Mayhew traded him for Tony Scheffler, The Eagles cut him loose after a terrible 2010. He played for the 2-14 Colts in 2011.

8/24/2006 Lions D-Line Coach Joe Cullen arrested

Jon Kitna throws Coach Cullen under the bus

Cullen was arrested for DUI, indicent exposure and obscene conduct for driving naked thru a Wendy's.

9/1/2006 D-Line Coach Joe Cullen arrested

Cullen was suspended for one game
He was arrested driving in Dearborn with lights off the wrong way on a street. He blew .12.
Cullen was fired from Mississippi in early 2005 after an arrest for public drunkenness in a restaurant.

1/2/2007 Lions fire DC Donnie Henderson and Hire Joe Barry

2008, Barry's defensive gave up 517 points
3/2/2007 Lions trade CB Dre Bly to Denver for OT George Foster and RB Tatum Bell.

Two-time pro bowl CB Dre Bly the only DB Millen ever drafted or signed that was a legit NFL player was traded for two guys who did nothing for Detroit. Foster started 12 games and struggled. Bell played 5 games rushing for 182 yards a td and lossed fumble. He is best known for stealing his replacements Rudi Johhnson's bags in 2008.

4/28/2007 Lions draft QB Drew Stanton, DE Ikaika Alama-Francis and S Gerald Alexander in the 2nd round.


Drew Stanton

The Lions came into the draft with the # 2 pick and a boat load of picks. Millen traded back to select Stanton @ #43 pick. Stanton started 4 games winning 2 throwing 5td and 9 picks. The Lions traded up to the # 58 pick for DE Alama-Francis. A walk-on at Hawaii with zero high school football experience and a torn pec. He played 19 games had 2 sacks before being released. S Gerald Alexander played 17 games had 2 ints and Adrian Peterson broke his neck. He was traded by Mayhew to the Jags for Dennis Northcutt. 6 Players drafted in between Stanton and Alexander have been to the pro bowl. We get nothing.

1/3/2008 Lions Fire OC Mike Martz and hire Jim Colletto

2007 the Lions had the 4th ranked passing offense
Marinelli fired Martz and replaced him with Jim Colletto. In 2008 the Lions offense ranked 27th averaging 16.8 ppg.

Jim Colletto
2/28/2008 Lions sign S Dwight Smith

Smith carted off after 0 picks and 41 tackles

He signed a 2 year $5 million contract. A former Buc with a super bowl ring, he struggled at Minnesota and had trouble off the field. He was released at the end of the season. Add him to the names of Greg Blue, Idrees Bashir, Daniel Bullocks, Kenoy Kennedy, Bracy Walker, Terrence Holt, Jon McGraw that started at S on the road to 0-16.

3/1/2008 Lions trade DT Shaun Rogers to the Browns for CB Leigh Bodden and a 3rd round pick (Andre Fluellen)

Bodden had 1 pick in 15 starts

Rogers had grown to be fat and a cancer in Detroit but Millen botched this trade. He picked up Chuck Darby to replace Rogers and signed Bodden to a crazy contract. (4 years $27 mil $2 mil signing bonus $8.6 million bonus in March of 2009) He was released by Mayhew instead of paying the bonus. He would still be with the Lions if we did.

3/14/2008 Lions sign CB Brian Kelly from the Bucs.

Part of the Tampa crew

Part of the Tampa 2 collection. Kelly signed a 3 year contract but was released December 9. He was paid $3.25 million to play 11 games and make 26 tackles and defend 1 pass. He was actually replaced on passing downs during the Jags game. I have never seen a starting corner replaced on passing downs before that. Travis Fisher, Keith Smith, Stanley Wilson, Chris Cash, Andre Goodman, RW McQuarters, Doug Evans and Otis Smith all started games at CB on the road to 0-16.

10/14/2008 Lions place QB Jon Kitna on IR and trade WR Roy Williams and 7th to Dallas for a 1st, 3rd and 6th (Pettigrew, Derrick Williams, Aaron Brown)

Kitna was shelved for a sore back for Dan Orlvosky and Drew Stanton. Martin Mayhew had taken over for the fired Millen  and probably did not like Kitna giving up in the Vikings game. Kitna was traded to Dallas for CB Anthony Henry (who sucked).

The Roy Williams trade was piece of the road to 0-16. Without Kitna and Williams the Lions had to rely on a poor QB, Calvin Johnson and Shaun McDonald. Roy was lazy and was on his last legs but could have helped win a game in 2008.

114/2008 Lions sign QB Daunte Culpepper

Mayhew tells Culpepper, we will start Matt Stafford
Culpepper was finished going 0-10 in Detroit. I guess when picking between Drew Stanton, Drew Henson and Culpepper there is no good choice. 

The road was long. I'm glad it is over.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The road to 0-16 a historical study

Installment one- Laying the foundation. We will exam the struggles of the Lions in the early 2000s on their way to 0-16.

11/22/1963 or 1/10/1964 William Clay Ford buys the Detroit Lions for $4.5 million.

The Lions have won just playoff game (1991) since he took over. He was named the worst NFL owner in 2011 by Forbes magazine and the 4th worst in 2012.

1/9/2001 The Lions hire Matt Millen as their CEO and President

Millen, Mr. Ford, Bill Ford

Millen signs a 5 year $15 million contract. (In 2006, he signs a 5 year extension)

I'm willing to stake my reputation on Matt's success," said William Clay Ford Jr., the team's vice chairman.
said upon hiring Millen.

March-April 2002

Lions sign free agents Brian Walker, Corey Harris, Bill Schroeder and AZ Hakim. I include these signings on the road to 0-16 because the failure of these players made the Millen reach for players in the draft. Besides Dre Bly, Millen did not bring in one quality secondary player. Schroeder and Hakim caused Millen to draft four 1st round receivers.

S Brian Walker 24 starts 2 int

Wr Bill Schroeder 72 rec 992 yards 7 td
4/20/2002 The Lions draft QB Joey Harrington

Millen and prized #3 pick Joey ballgame.
Harrington signed a 6 year $36.5 million contract. He delievered a record of 18-37. He was traded 5/12/2006 for a 5th round pick. (Pick was traded). The failure of Harrington was a cornerstone of the road to 0-16. Mike McMahon, Jeff Garcia, Jon Kitna, Drew Stanton, Daunte Culpepper, Dan Orlovsky all started games at QB on the road to 0-16.

4/26/2003 Lions draft WR Charles Rogers

Millen, Chuck and Mooch

He signed 6 year $54.6 contract. $9.1 million signing bonus. He was paid $16.19 million for his three years of service. He played 15 games 36 catches 440 yards and 4 td. Rogers failure led to the drafting of three more 1st round WR.

3/5/2004 Lions sign Free agents G Damien Woody and CB Fernando Bryant

Both players were in their prime and coming out successful situations. Woody signed a 6 year $31 million deal with $9.5 guaranteed. He failed to perform at his previous level, got hurt, got fat and struggled in the community. Instead of signing a leader with 2 super bowl rings, they signed a cancer. Bryant failed to make an impact. He made 2 picks in his Lions career. Another failed DB for Millen.

Bryant had 2 interceptions for the Lions
4/23/2005 The Lions draft WR Mike Williams

Big Mike Williams 22 games 37 catches 449 yards 2 td

Despite sitting the year because of the Maurice Clarett situation, the Lions selected USC WR Mike Williams with the # 1 pick. It was not a secret the Lions wanted to draft a corner Antrelle Rolle, Carlos Rogers or Pacman Jones. They were all gone. With Derrick Johnson, DeMarcus Ware and Shawn Merriman still on the board the Lions went with Williams, he lasted two years and was traded with Josh McCown to the Raiders for a 5th round pick (Pick was traded) on 4/27/2007.

Next the Marinelli years

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Damien Woody should not comment on the Lions

ESPN NFL employee Damien Woody commented on the Detroit Lions today on NFL Live. Who is he to talk about Lions players? He signed a big contract in 2004, got fat, got hurt and had problems off the field Link: Woody gave up on the lions, he was cancer in the locker room and the community. He should keep his opinions to the Patriots or the Jets. He left the security of the Pats and came to Lions but could not handle having to be a leader or having to perform.
Leave the Lions alone, you have already done your damage to us and Detroit.

Woody laughs as he takes Mr. Ford's $$$$
Woody laughs as he knows he will not try at practice on this day.

Monday, May 21, 2012

OTA for the Lions 5/21

Here are the Lions that missed the OTA today: The Lions vave OTA 5/22, 5/24, 5/29,5/31, 6/1, 6/4, 6/5, 6/7 6/8 and mini camp 6/12-/6/14

DE Cliff Avril: Contract
WR Titus Young:
Sucker punch to the head of Louis Delmas
Amari Spievey: Unknown
MLB Stephen Tulloch: Knee
OLB DeAndre Levy: unknown
Limited For this OTA

RB Mikel LeShoure: Achilles
WR Ryan Broyles: Knee
OT Jeff Backus: Biceps

Full Go

S Alonzo Lawrence

CB Jonte Green

Monday, May 14, 2012

Rookie Camp History

The following players have played for the Lions at after each rookie mini camp:

2011 no camp/lockout

Ndamkong Suh 1st  30 games
Jahvid Best   1st  22 games
Amari Spievey 3rd 30 games
Jason Fox    4th 4 games
Willie Young 7th 16 games
Aaron Berry UDFA 12 games

CB Aaron Berry

Chima Ihekwoaba made the 80 man roster after the tryout camp.

Matthew Stafford  1st 29 games
Brandon Pettigrew 1st 43 games
Louis Delmas  2nd 41 games
DeAndre Levy 3rd 43 games
Derrick Williams 3rd 11 games
Sammie Hill 4th 44 games
Aaron Brown 6th 22 games
Lyndon Murtha 7th 0 games practive squad. Signed to the Dolphins
Zach Follett 7th 12 games
Dan Gronkowski 7th 2 games traded for Alphonso Smith

OC Dan Gerberry
Dan Gerberry UDFA has nade the 80-90 man roster for four season and the 53 for two games in 2009.
Antone Smith, Spenser Smith and Ryan Kees made the 80 man roster.

Gosder Cherlius 1st 59 games
Jordan Dizon 2nd 28 games
Kevin Smith 3rd 42 games
Cliff Avril 3rd 57 games
Andre Fluellen 3rd 51 games
Ken Moore 5th 0 games practice squad signed by Panthers
Landon Cohen 7th 20 games
Caleb Campbell 7th 3 games

OLB Caleb Campbell
Chris Patrick, Matt Butler, Justin Sanders, Greg Lee and Shem LeGrange we are signed to 80 man roster out of the the tryout camp.

Calvin Johnson 1st 76 games
Drew Stanton 2nd  13 games
Ikaika Alama-Francis 2nd  19 games
Gerald Alexander 2nd 20 games traded to Jags for Dennis Northcutt
AJ Davis 4th 0 games 1 week on practice squad
Manny Ramirez 4th 18 games
Johnny Baldwin 5th 0 games made 53 man roster signed by Chiefs
Ramzee Robinson 7th 19 games
Clint Stickdorn UDFA 1 game
Rudy Sylvan UDFA 3 games

CB Ramzee Robinson
Note: Reggie Ball, Courtney Ford, Ron Bellamy, Israel Route and Pacino Horne were all signed to the 80 man roster. Ball, Bellamy, Route and Horne were signed to the practice squad.

Ernie Sims 1st 59 games
Dan Bullocks 2nd 31 games
Brian Calhoun 3rd 11 games
Jon Scott 5th 20 games
Dee McCann 6th o games Practice Squad
Fred Matua 7th 0 games
Anthony Cannon 7th 32 games
Shaun Bodiford udfa 3 games signed by the Packers
Frank Davis Udfa 11 games
LeMarcus Hicks UDFA 12 games
Devale Elllis TOP 9 games

Frank Davis OG

Note: Val Barnaby, Marcus Demps, Anthony Sherrell were signed to the 80 man roster. Sherrell made the 53 man roster in 2006. Demps made the practice squad.

The history of the Detroit Lions rookie mini camp

The first Lions rookie mini camp was in 2006. Only three players from tryout have ever played in Detroit Lions regular season game. Two first year players S LaMarcus Hicks (2007) and OT Clint Stickdorn (2007) and one tryout rookie Devale Ellis (2006). Obviously draft picks and signed undrafted free agents have played but with tryout players success is few and far between. Maybe S Sam Proctor and WR Wallace Miles can beat the odds.

#35 LaMarcus Hicks played in 12 games 07-08 making 12 tackles
He made 29 preseason tackles and 1 int.
WR Devale Ellis played in 9 games in 2006.
He had 4 catches for 41 yards. He returned 10 total kicks for 200 yards.
He had 9 catches in the preseason for 105 yards and 10KOR for 233 yards.

OT Clint Stickdorn played in one game in 2006.

Lions sign WR Wallace Miles and S Sam Proctor

After 5 ractices at the rookie mini-camp The Lions sign two:

WR Wallace Miles out of North Carolina A&T

Career Stats: 41 games

Pro day Results


Miles deals with Alonzo Lawrence

Miles at A&T

S Sam Proctor Oklahoma

College Stats 51 games 104 tackles

Pro day Results


Proctor at rookie camp
Proctor played 51 games at Oklahoma

 Welcome to Detroit

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oliver Aaron injured Raleigh Ross in

ASU LB Oliver Aaron was injured at camp and replaced by Wayne State LB Raleigh Ross

Aaron injured Friday
Oliver Aaron
OLBArizona State60052194.59161010395.6

Ross to tryout

Ross in Allen Park

Raleigh Ross 
OLBWayne State60102204.75223510054.217.345.3