Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Lions under contract and restricted Free agents

Lions under contract

PlayerCollegePos    # con
Berry, Aaron     PittCB321
Carey, DonNorfolk StateCB311
Houston, ChrisArkansasCB231
Smith, AlphonsoWake ForestCB271
Weaver, RossMSUCB381
Chinasa, UgoOklahoma StateDE691
Jackson, LawrenceUSCDE941
Vanden Bosch, KyleNebraskaDE932
Young, WillieNC StateDE791
Fairley, NickAuburnDT983
Suh, NdamukongNebraskaDT903
Williams, CoreyArkansas StateDT991
Hanson, JasonWashington StateK41
Durant, JustinHamptonLB521
Hogue, DougSyracuseLB573
Norris, SladeOregon StateLB491
Gandy, DylanTexas TechOC651
Gerberry, DanBall StateOC641
Raiola, DominicNebraskaOC512
McClendon, JacquesTennesseeOG631
Peterman, StephenLSUOG662
Sims, RobOhio StateOG673
Cherlius, GosderBoston CollegeOT771
Culbreath, JohnnySouth Carolina StOT723
Fox, JasonMiamiOT701
Donohue, RyanIowaP  62
Stafford, MatthewGeorgiaQB93
Bell, JoiqueWayne StateRB351
Best, JahvidCalRB443
LeShoure, MikelIllinoisRB253
Logan, Stefan South DakotaRB111
Williams, KeilandLSURB341
Delmas, LouisWMUS261
Silva, RicardoHamptonS392
Spievey, AmariIowaS421
Wendling, JohnWyomingS292
Heller, WillGeorgia TechTE891
Overbay, NathanEastern WashTE461
Pettigrew, BrandonOklahoma StateTe872
Scheffler, TonyWMUTE852
Burleson, NateNevadaWR133
Harris, MarcusMurray StateWR101
Hughes, NateAlcorn StateWR861
Johnson, CalvinGeorgia TechWR811
Toliver, TerrenceLSUWR191
Young, Titus Boise StateWr163

Restricted Free Agents

Hill, Sammie StillmanDT
Hilliard, CoreyOklahoma StateOT
Levy, DeAndreWisconsinLB
Palmer, AshleeOle MissLB

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lions sign 9 to future contracts

The Lions signed the following players:

Gerberry can see the light at the end of the tunnel
Dan Gerberry OC-OG He is out of practice squad eligibility after spending three years on the squad. Will challenge Dylan Gandy for the back up center spot.

Chinasa at Oklahoma State
Ugo Chinasa DE Has two years left on practice squad. He was in camp with the Panthers. Unlikely to stick next season.

Harris at Lions Camp
Marcus Harris Wr 2 years left. In camp out of Murray State this summer. Resigned to Practice squad. Player that reminds of Nate Burleson.

Overbay with the Bucs
Nathan Overbay TE  one year left. After time with  Bucs and Broncos. Making this squad will be tough next year.

Slade With Raiders
Slade Norris OLB. He is out of practice squad eligibility.  Has 7 games of NFL experience with the Raiders and Jags. Will fight it out for a back up spot.

Toliver at LSU
Terrence Toliver WR 2 years left Signed with Texans out of LSU. Big bodied WR that has a chance to stick.

Weaver with Cowboys
Ross Weaver CB 1 year left. Signed late in the season. A Southfield High and MSU grad will get a look.

Nate Hughes WR Out of Practice Squad eligibility. Quick WR with return ability.

Jacques McClendon OG 1 year left. Active with the Lions for 4 games this season. Did not see action. Has a chance at back up guard.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Contracts and Evaluation of the linebackers:

Stephen Tulloch UFA MLB
Best middle linebacker since Earl Holmes got hurt. Played well in both phases. He had 3 picks and 5PBU. I would try to re-sign him for 2 years. He has miles on those shoulders. We need a speed guy at will backer.

DeAndre Levy RFA OLB
I thought he was on the brink of being a very good player this year and that did not happen. He looked slow and did not match up in nickel packages. Probably best suited for a backup swing guy.

Justin Durant SLB 1 year left
Improvement over Julian Peterson. Had his worst game against the Saints. Played great at times this season and replaced Levy in the nickel package.

Bobby Carpenter UFA SLB
Hero of the Cowboys game but fell off after that. Struggled when Durant was hurt against Atlanta and San Fran. Best suited as a back up and special teams guy.

Ashlee Palmer RFA MLB
Swing inside backer who played well special teams. Showed he could be a NFL backer replacing Peterson last season. Will be resigned to back up Tulloch.

Doug Hogue 3 years left Will LB
Started off slow but really improved on special teams. Can he play backer? Time will tell.

Isaiah Ekejuba UFA OLB
Veteran special teams guy. Limited ability to play backer. When he was hurt special teams suffered. Unlikely to be back.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lions Defensive Line. Contract Situation and Evaluation

Defensive Line

Ndamukong Suh 3 years left. $9.25 million. Played well against the run and pushed the pocket against the pass. Not nearly as productive this season but still a force.

Corey Williams 2 years left. $4.9 million  Played well the first half, injuries limited him the second half. On the wrong side of 30 and makes over $4 million next season. Could be asked to take a pay cut.

Nick Fairley DT 3 years left. Aorund $2 million.  Hobbled by a foot injury all year. Had 1 sack. Showed potiential in flashes, can be a force.

Sammie Hill Restricted Free Agent. Sammie finished strong with good push inside. A rotational player who can play 20-30 quality plays.

Andre Fluellen UFA Likely will not be back. Had an opprtunity to show his worth and did not do a whole lot. Probably will sign elsewhere.

KyleVandenBosch DE 2 years left. $5 million Solid year for KVB. However, $5 million in salary with Cliff Avril needing to be signed. He is not strong against the run and will over pursue.

Cliff Avril DE UFA Great year rushing the passer. He is not strong against the run. Big question is how much is he worth? Could be slapped with the dreaded franchise tag.

Lawrence Jackson DE 1 year left around $ 1 million. Solid rotational player. Our best End vs. the run. Can rush the passer in spots. Could replace KVB.

Willie Young 1 year left. $490,000 Spot pass rusher when healthy. Made big plays vs. Dallas and the Saints. Part of the puzzle.

Overall: A lot of $$$$$ is tied up in the Defensive Line. The main question is with the age of KVB and Corey Williams can we afford Cliff Avril. Another scenario is to draft a young DE and release KVB.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lions with Playoff Experience

Maurice Morris
 8 games 4 wins with Seattle
Ben Graham
7 games 4 wins with NYJets/Arizona
Dylan Gandy
6 games 4 wins with the Colts
Super Bowl Ring
Nate Burleson
6 games 4 wins

Rashied Davis
6 games with Chicago

Chris Harris
5 games with Chicago/Carolina

Jason Hanson
5 games with the Lions
0 wins

Erik Coleman
5 games with NYJets/Atlanta

Will Heller
4 games with Seattle

Bobby Carpenter
4 games with Dallas

Rob Sims
4 games with Seattle

Corey Williams
3 games with Green Bay

Leonard Davis
3 games with Dallas

Justin Durant
2 games with the Jaguars
Jerome Harrison
1 game with Philly
Stephen Tulloch
1 game with Tennessee
1 game with Tennessee
Chris Houston
1 game with Atlanta
Go Lions

Good to see young people as Lion Fans

Red #90, Mr. C., Car-LO #16
Go Lions

Monday, January 2, 2012

Detroit Lions Playoff Record Book


Barry 91/490/1
Doak Walker 23/144/2
Billy Sims 26/133/2
Bobby Layne 31/112/1
Bob Hoernschmeyer 30/102/1

Pat Harder 16/100/2

Birmingham High School grad Tom Tracy 11/86/2

Erik Kramer 72/102/3 886 5td
Bobby Layne 46/99/12/568 1td
Eric Hipple 22/38/2 298 1td
Gus Frerotte 21/46/2 251 1td
Gary Danielson 24/38/5 236
Scott Mitchell 23/54/5 233 1 td

Tobin Rote 16/30/1 214 1td

Don Majkowski 14/33/2 206 3td

Dave Krieg 17/35/0 199 1td

Frank Reich 11/15/0 129

Greg Landry 5/12/2 48

Andre Ware 4/9/1 15


Herman Moore 27/474/2

Leonard Thompson 13/224/0
Willie Green 14/202/3
Brett Perriman 15/149/1
Jim Doran 6/146/1
Mike Farr 11/135/0

Doak Walker 7/135/0

Johnnie Morton 11/124/0

Leon Hart 7/120/1


Melvin Jenkins 2/56/2
Jim David 2/43/0
Carl Karilivacz 2/22/0
Joe Schmidt 2/30/0

Chris Spielman 29
Ryan McNeil 18
Mark Carrier 16
Robert Porcher 16
Bennie Blades 15
Mike Johnson 15
Stephen Boyd 15

Kick Returns

Mel Gray 372 KOR 78 PR

Alvin Hall 168 KOR 13 PR

Glyn Milburn 140 KOR