Monday, June 20, 2016

Blog pictures with the Lions

Mr. C with Ted Rath
MSW with Mr. Sanders

Mr. C with Mr. Sanders

Mr.C with Aaron Brown

Mr. C with Louis Delmas

Son with Derrick Williams

Martin Mayhew with Mr. C

Mr, C with TOm Lewand

Mr.C and Brittany McNorton

Mr. C with Sammie Lee Hill

Mr. C with Jahi Word-Daniels

Masta P with Nick Fairley

Chris Greenwood, Jonte Green and Mr.C

Suh and Mr, C

Son and Tim Toone

Tahir Whitehead and Mr.C

Zach Zenner and Mr C

Jace Billingsley with Mr. C

Miles Killebrew with MR C

Mr. C with Quadshad Davis
Mr. C son and Billy

Billy with MSW

MSW Bennie Blades and Lomas Brown

Calvin with MR.C

Mel Gray with MSW

Lem Barney with MSW

Luther Elliss with MSw

Brett Perriman and the Jersey of MSW

MR. C and Drew Stanton

MR. C with Bennie Blades

MSW with Jason Hanson

Mr.C MSW and Jason Hanson

MSW and Brett Perriman

MR.C Herman Moore and MSW

MSW with Johnnie Morton

Golden Tate's wife with MSW
The Eat em up guy with MSW

Lem Barney with MSW

MR.C with Dexter Bussey

Rich Strenger with MSW

Ken Dallafior with Mr. C

Mr.C with Tim Twentyman
MSW and Hoa
MR. C with Cory Scheslinger

MR. C with Rob Rubick

Rob Sims with Mr. C

Masta P with Coach Schwartz and Mr.C

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Detroit Lions changes under Martha Firestone Ford

Here are the major changes to the Detroit Lions under owner Martha Firestone Ford

Owner since March 9, 2014

General Manager Bob Quinn Replace Martin Mayhew

Bob Quinn

Martin Mayhew
Mayhew was a protege of Millen. He struggled to build a consistent winner. Quinn comes in from the Patriots.

President Ron Wood for Tom Lewand

Ron Wood a former Comerica employee
Tom Lewand
Lewand was credited with the growth of Ford Field but failed as Football guy. Wood is not a football guy.

Director of Player Personnel Kyle O'Brien for Sheldon White

O'Brien comes in from the Jags

Sheldon White 19 years in Detroit
White was in charge of Pro personnel under the Mayhew regime. O'Brien oversees both college and pro personal

Offensive Coordinator Jim Bob Cooter for Joe Lombardi
Offensive Line Ron Prince for Jeremiah Washburn and Terry Heffernan
QB Brian Callahan
Director of Football Research Randy Edsall
Running Backs David Walker for Curtis Modkins
Tight Ends Al Golden
Chiropractor Karen Slota for Sol Cogan
Stength Coach Harold Nash and Josh Shuler for Jason Arapoff (15 years) and Ted Rath (7 years)
Ted Rath
Other changes in the player personnel office

VP of Staff Matt Harriss (Giants 2006-2015)
Director of Pro Scouting Brenden Prophett Saints (2015) Jets (2000-2014)
Area Scout Jay Muraco Bears and Chiefs
Regional Scout Mark Olson Falcons
Scout Ron Miles Patriots
Scout Scott Sika Falcons 2013-2015
Dietian Sarah Snyder

Head of College Scouting Scott McEwan  29 years
Regional Scout Chad Henry 19 years
Regional Scout Darren Anderson 4 years

Business side
VP of Partnerships Bill Hawker (Packers)
Senior VP of Legal Counsel Jay Colvin

Senior VP of Football Operations Cedric Saunders 10 years
Senior vice president of business development Luis Perez 5 years
VP of Partnerships Wade Martin
Senior VP of Partnerships and marketing Elizabeth Parkinson 4 years
VP marketing/partnerships Jennifer Cadicamo
Director of Community Relations Rob Wooley
Senior director human resources Sherry Kenyon

Detroit Lions will also add cheerleaders
Coach Rebecca Girard-Smoker