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Detroit Lions draft grades 2007-2008

Request for the draft grades revisited from 2007-2010: Here it is:

2007: Overall Grade: D Without Calvin : E

Calvin Johnson Round # 1 Pick # 2 92 games 87 starts Grade: A

488 rec 7976 yards 54 td
7 fumbles lost
Obvious pick here. Easily Millen's best pick. All-Pro player, future HJall of Famer.

Drew Stanton Round: 2 Pick #43 13 games 4 starts Grade: D

104/177/9 1058 yards 5td pass
30/172 2td rush
A huge mistake taking Stanton in the draft. Many pro bowl players were around at this point (Sidney Rice, Marcus McNeill, David Harris). Stanton was 2-2 as a starter and never solidfied himself as a #2 QB.

Ikaika Alama-Francis Round:2 Pick #58 19 games 2 starts Grade: E

35 tackles 1 sack
Marinelli called hin 5 - o he turned out to be more like just 0. A tweener better suited for the 3-4, he never found a home in the tampa 2. We traded up for this guy, he could not play.

Gerald Alexander Round :2 Pick:#61 20 games 17 starts Grade: D+

The Lions traded up to get Alexander. He made his name in the Bowl game vs. Adrian Peterson. Showed some explosive ability at the combine. Never really arrived in Detroit. Career derailed when ASdrian Peterson broke his neck.

AJ Davis Round 4 Pick #105 Grade: E

Never played for the Lions. Cut from practice after week # 1. Still bouncing around the league but has not played in a game.

Manny Ramirez Round 4 Pick #117 18 games 15 starts Grade C+

Actually not a bad pick. Strong kid who started for the Broncos in 2012. The Lions did not know how to use him and was let go before 2010.

Johnny Baldwin Round:5 Pick #158 Grade: D-

Baldwin a surprise pick in round # 5. He had a strong pro day tha put him on the map. Actually made the 53 roster but was cut when the Lions claimed S Eric Frampton. The Cheifs signed him and he got hurt.

Ramzee Robinson Round 7 Pick: 255 19 games 0 starts Grade: C

31 tackles
The last pick of the draft and he played like it. A back up corner best known for his tauntin penalty vs. Green Bay to make sure the Lions went 0-16.

2008: The Millen draft Grade: C

Gosder Cherlius Round 1 Pick 17 75 games 71 starts Grade: B-

A five year starter who never achieved elite status. He played his best season in 2012 and cashed in big with the Colts. Had many lapses that cost the Lions.

Jordan Dizon Round 2 Pick #45 28 games 0 Starts

45 tackles 3 FR
Taken two rounds too soon. Could have been a solid back up LB and special teams guy. The Lions wanted Forte at the this pick but the Bears took him. Injured in the preseason.

Kevin Smith Round 3 Pick #64 54 games 32 starts Grade: B-

598/2346/17 rush
123/1082/4 rec
Traded up to get him after Forte and Ray Rice were taken in the 2nd round. Never became an effective lead back. Struggled with injury and a lack of speed.

Andre Fluellen Round 3 Pick #87 54 games 6 starts grade: D+

53 tackles 2.5 sacks
Part of the Shaun Rogers trade. Never became a starter or an impact player. Good special teams guy. A tweener too slow for end too small for tackle.

Cliff Avril Round 3 Pick #92 73 games 60 starts Grade: B+

168 tackles 39.5 sacks
16 forced fumbles
Probably Millen's 2nd best pick. Not a complete player but a good pass rusher. His last year in Detroit left a bad taste as he became selfish and played for the $. Still a good pass rusher.

Kenneth Moore Round: 5 Pick #136 Grade E

Picked out of Wake Forest to be a reutrn guy. Too slow. Cut. Made the practice squad, signed by the Panthers. Never played a game for Detroit.

Jerome Felton Round 5 Pick 146 Grade; C+ 42 games 16 starts

39/126/0 rush
29/236/0 rec
Good pick but another case where the coaches did not know how to use him. Pro bowl fullback for the Vikings in 2012.
Landon Cohen Round: 7 Pick # 210 Grade; B- 20 games 5 starts

27 tackles
Strong kid out of Ohio. Was one of 11 Defensive lineman kept by Marinelli in 2008. A rotational guy who was undersized at DT.

Caleb Campbell Round; 7 Pick #218 3 games

3 tackles
Army veteran selected but could play until 2010. Great kid bad pick.

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