Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scouting Reports on Defensive Lineman

Did film on some defensive lineman:

Tak Mckinley UCLA:

Explosive player. Great get off but limited by length. Can explode by tackles off the snap but does not disengage once blocked. I can see him as a 3-4 OLB and a situational pass rusher. 6.7 dynamic sub player.

DeMarcus Walker FSU

Love this guy. Probably has to play a Kerry Hyder type of role. End on run downs, slide down over a guard in pass downs. Devastating rip move to his inside. Relentless player who makes play after play. Lack of physical tools will drop him the draft. 6.8 solid player in his rookie year.

Tanoh Kpassagnon Villanova

Like this guy. Long with good movement skills. Dominated FCS. same at the senior bowl. Reminds me of Calais Campbell. Would not blame someone for taking him the first round. Starter as a rookie. 6.9

Caleb Brantley Florida

Disappointed by this guy. Good get off for his size. Can beat a guard and split a double team. Hated his motor. Lots of loffs against FSU and Alabama. Has 1st round talent. I would not draft him in the first round. 6.5 potential starter as a rookie.

Derek Barnett Tennessee

Great motor. Strong. Lacks length and explosive movement. I don't think he will be an elite pass rusher. He will be a solid part of a rotation. Can win match ups. 6.5 Solid player.

Solomon Thomas Stanford

I think this guy is a 3 tech. Maybe a 5 tech in the 3-4. Explosive off the snap. I don't think he is an end. Can make plays especially over a guard. I think someone will draft him before the Lions pick at 21. 6.8

Jordan Willis Kansas State

Probably a 3-4 OLB. Does not have the length to play 4-3 end. Good player but not a scheme match for the Lions.

Scouting Report Zach Cunningham, Raekwon McMillian and Jarrad Davis

Did some film on these linebackers: Zach Cuningham, Jarrad Davis, Raekwon McMillian.

Cunningham from Vanderbilt is best of these three. Always around the ball, sifts thru the trash. A long, lanky guy. Can cover ground in the pass game. It will be interesting where he is selected. He is not an impact player but a solid three down linebacker. I grade him 6.8 Solid starter as a rookie

Davis from Florida. A tight wound explosive athlete. He rocks guard and fullbacks with arms. However, misses tackles and gets fooled a lot. Runs around without finding the ball. He will test well but I don't like his instinct. Probably a 2nd round pick. 6.2 a back up with upside.

Raekwon McMillian for the Ohio State. A good run defender. Can take on blocks and shed for the tackle. Lacks range and can get beat to the corner. Probably a 2 down mike backer. Needs to gain weight to be an NFL Mike. 6.4 Eventually a starter in his 2 or third year.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Scouting Report DE Taco Charlton

This starts the scouting reports for the 2017 NFL Draft. I will focus my reports on the front 7. I firmly believe the Lions should concentrate most of their resources on the defensive front.

46 games 94 tackles 18.5 sacks 27.5 TFL at Michigan

DE Taco Charlton Michigan

I watched three films on Taco. Wisconsin, FSU and Rutgers. I did not watch the Ohio State film because he abused their tackle so bad.

What I liked:

Tremendous burst. Looks very sudden once he disengaged from the blocker. Can close on QB and ball carriers. Can bend around the corner. Excellent hip flexibility. Good spin move.

What needs to improve.

I did not like his arms. Lacks strength in upper body. Little hand movement in the pass rush. Does have a rip. Poor get off. Needs to be more explosive off the snap.

Bottom Line:

Could be a really good pass rusher. I could see a team really falling in love with him. Probably best in a 25 snap role. Not terrible against the run but a run stopper. I think he will be on the Lions radar in the 1st round. He would upgrade there pass rush and front immediately.

Rating 6.8 Starter early in career. Pick 15-25.