Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Detroit Lions training camp preview Offensive Line


Left Tackle:

Riley Reiff 2nd year 16 games 8 starts 3 year left on contract.
2013 Cap hit: $1,816,750
W/L 4/12

The Lions will settle on Reiff at the left tackle. After trying to replace Backus thru the draft, Reiff was left standing. This is actually the position I am most worried about the line. Reiff struggled when he replace Backus, He gave up 5 QBH, committed 5 Penalities and missed 14 blocks. His lack of arm length is well documented. Reiff's play will determine how well the offense performs.

Left Guard

Rob Sims 8th year 4th in Detroit. 48 starts. 2 years left on contract.
2013 hit: $3,425,000
W/L 20/29

Easily the best lineman in Detroit. He ranked #11 for PFF after #12 in 2011. His strength is pulling and trapping, many on the best runs were right behind Peterman with Sims getting to the 2nd level. Sims did fall off in the 2nd half of the season. He had 36 good blocks, 29 missed blocks, gave up 2 sacks and 10 hits. He committed 5 penalities.

Dom Raoila 13th year 188 games 172 Starts Last year on the contract
2013 Salary Cap: $3,012,500
W/L 53/136 51/122 as a starter

Dom took a pay cut to stay with the Lions. His will probably start in 2012. He was okay for the 1st half last season but was awful at the end. Many sacks occurred between Peterman and Dom. I credited Dom with 3 sacks, 10 hits and 2 penalities.  He ranked #13 in 2012 and # 24 in 2011. This is hopefully his last season.

Right Guard

Larry Warford rookie 3rd round pick 4 year contract
2013 Hit: $579,250

3rd round pick Larry Warford should start at right guard. He is big man with good feet. The challenge will be in pass protection.  

Right Tackle

Jason Fox 4th year 5 games 1 year contract
2013 hit: $1,323,000
w/l 4/1

Fox will win the job at right tackle. He started 47 games at the U at left tackle and has been in the organization now for 4 years. Fox transformed his body and has the tools.

Back ups

Corey Hilliard 7th year 5th with Detroit. 31 games 5 starts 2 year on contract
2013 Salary Cap: $980,000
W/L 15/16 5/0 as a starter

Hilliard is a valuable back up he can play four positions. He is actually is 5-0 as starter for Detroit. I would not be surprised to see him in the lineup during the season.

LeRoy Harris 7th year 1st in Detroit 75 games 42 Starts 2 year contract
2013 Hit: $937,500

Harris signed as swing back up. Curious because he will probably have to start the season on PUP since he has an ACL. Harris has struggled at center but was strong at guard. He ranked # 15 at guard in 2011 and his pass pro was good.

IN the Mix:

Dylan Gandy 9th year 5th in the Detroit 63 games 5 starts 1 year deal
cap hit: $620,000
W/L 22/41 0/5 as a starter

A veteran back up at center and guard. I think the Lions would like to replace him with a young guy with upside.

Jake Scott 10th year 1st in Detroit 1 year contract
Cap Hit: $555,000

A veteran on his last legs. He ranked # 52 for the Eagles last season. Signed as insurance but will struggle to make the team.

Bill Nagy 3rd year 2nd in Detroit 4 NFL Starts 2 year left on the contract
2013 Hit: $480,000

A starter in Dallas in 2011 for 4 games, has been hurt ever since. He will start the year on PUP. I think he is done.

Rodney Austin 2nd year 2 year contract
2013 Cap: $405,000

Austin Holding the Dan Gerbery chain
An interesting project good size who can play both guard and center. Has practice squad written on him.

Derek Hardman 4 th year 1st in Detroit 15 nfl games 4 starts 1 year on the contract
2013 Hit: $630,000

Hardman #73
Interesting pick up off of waivers from the Bucs. He started 4 games as a rookie. Can play both tackle and guard. In the mix for the 4th tackle position.

Darren Keyton Rookie UDFA 3 year contract
Cap hit $405,000

Practice Squad

LaAdrian Waddle Rookie UDFA 3 year contract
Cap Hit $405,000

Long armed guy but raw. Has a chance to stick but most likely on the practice squad.

Austin Holtz Rookie UDFA 3 year contract
Cap Hit $405,000

Practice Squad or bust.

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