Sunday, July 7, 2013

Detroit Lions Camp Preview- QB


Matthew Stafford 5th year 45 starts 17-29 record 1114/1863/54 12814 80td signed thru 2017.
2013 cap hit: $17,820,000

After a break out year in 2011, Staff really fell off in 2012. Not all of was his fault, the receivers were 2nd in the NFL in drops (71 by my count). Further proof of his decline Pro Football Focus rankings #15 in 2012, # 13 in 2011. NFL passing # 26 in 2012, # 5 in 2011. He was 21st in the NFL in completion %. Jaws ranked him # 16 on his QB countdown. QBR #15 in 2012, # 7 in 2011.

Bottom Line: Stafford has proven himself to be a middle of the road QB in the NFL so far. The Lions have paid him a lot of $ for 17 wins. With a least 3 new starters on the O-line this is going to be an interesting for Matt. If he plays like 2012, look for another 4-5 win season for the Lions.

Back up:

Shaun Hill 12th year 4th in Detroit 14 games 10 starts 3-7 record 269/432/12 2891 18td last year of his contract
Cap Hit: $3.25 mill
w/l 5/9

Dependable veteran Shaun Hill returns for his 4th year as the back up in Detroit. Limited by a poor arm, he can move the team with accuracy and guts. Obviously, his days as a starter are over but can be a solid short term back up.

Third String:

Kellen Moore 2nd year 41/78/2 434 yards 1 td preseason signed thru 2014
2013 Cap Hit 486,666

College legend Kellen Moore returns for his 2nd year as the Lions 3rd string QB. This year he will be challenged by veteran Thaddeus Lewis, a stern test indeed. Moore has little arm strength and limited athletic ability. Like Hill, he must be accurate and smart to move the team. His upside is limited and will never a long term NFL QB.

Thaddeus Lewis 4th year 1st in Detroit last year of contract
2013 Cap Hit: $ 555, 000

Claimed off of waivers from Cleveland, Lewis has one career start in week # 17 a loss to Pittsburgh. He made his name last season in the preseason by leading a comeback vs. Detroit. He has an NFL arm and above average legs. Lewis has more tools than Moore and Hill but has to show he has the make up to be a long term answer as a back up. The preseason battle will be a good one.

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