Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Detroit lions draft preview safety Elam, Jefferson, Cyprien

Broke down S Matt Elam Florida

Explosive hitter against the run. He is an NFL caliber player in run support. His weakness is in coverage. I saw very little evidence of his man skills. I would be weary of him covering bigger Tight Ends. He did play well in centerfield, however. I see him as a stud special teams player and a starter early in his career at safety. His lack of size limits his skill set. I rate him 6.8 or starter in his rookie year. He is not a great fit for Lions scheme. I would not take him in the first two rounds.

Tony Jefferson S Oklahoma

Good athlete with range. Reacts well to the run and is eager to support. Can be out of control and miss tackles because he does not break down. Will play centerfield with a good ball skills. I did notice in 2 different games that he made coverage mistakes that led to touchdowns. He is a good open field tackler.

I think his skill set is what the Lions look for. He can run and play the ball in the air. However, his penchant to make mental errors and miss tackles hurts his rating. I would not take him in the first three rounds. I rate him 6.3 potential to start in his career.

Jonathan Cyprien S FIU

I like this guy. Can do everything an NFL safety has to do to thrive. He is great on run support. He can match up with tight ends and play centerfield. Out of the safeties I have scouted in this draft so far I would chose this guy. Perfect fit for the Lions and their scheme. I would think he would be a great value for their second round pick. I rate him as a 7, impact starter as a rookie.

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