Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview MSU players

My thoughts on the following MSU Spartans in the 2013 draft:

TE Dion Sims

I like this guy. He can play inline and is effective receiver in the middle field. Because of his size he can be a mismatch for safeties. Faster than you think he can threaten the deep middle in Cover 2. When he was hurt the Spartan offense really sucked. If he played MSU would have beat Michigan.
rating 6.3 solid back up with starter potential. 4th round

DE William Gholston

Loved this guy in 2011 but took a step back in 2012. Did not make dynamic plays rushing the QB or against run. Has great size but lacks a burst. He may have to play in the 3-4 at end. Not a starter in 4-3.
Rating:6 potential but a risk because of play or character. 4th round

RB Leveon Bell

Good player. Can handle the tough carries and catch the ball. I think it will be a good thing to see him in rotation. He could an impact player in the right situation. A poor mans Frank Gore.

Rating: 6.5 rotational player and a starter by year 2. 3rd round

CB Johnny Adams

Loved him in 2010 and 2011 but he struggled in 2012. He has the skill set to be a # 2-3 CB in the league. Could also be washing a car in two year as well. He is a tough evaluation. Boom or bust.

Rating 6.1 skill set but lacks production and good film. 5th round.

LB Chris Norman

Will not pursue football but join the seminary.

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