Monday, February 25, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview CB Logan Ryan, Jonathan Banks,

Broke down a few corners last week Rutgers Logan Ryan and Mississippi State Jonathan Banks

Ryan is tough kid whose best attribute is run support. He will be best in a zone scheme where he can face the QB. He lacks ball awareness. Many times he fails to look for the ball in man coverage.

Bottom line
Not a real fit or the Lions. He will be a good special teams player but not a guy I would trust as a top 3 CB. Rating 6.2 special teams guy back up. 4or 5th round.

Banks is the type of corner the league is looking for. He is long with good reach. He flashes NFL all skills and a short memory. Not a great player in run support but can cover in man. I rate him as a 6.9 starter as a rookie. 2nd round.


UCONN cb Blidi Wren-Wilson not a physical player. He can run with receivers and play the ball in the air. He doesn't possess great hands. Looks like a possible player down the line. I rate him at 6.3. Rotational payer with start potential. 4th round.

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