Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Detroit Lions training camp review WR

The Lions have two top tier receivers. Johnson and Tate but after that they do not have a productive 3rd option. Much of camp will try to settle the back up situation.

Calvin Johnson 9th year 1st round 2007
Contract: 5 years remain $20.9 million cap hit

GA Tech: 38 games 178 rec 2927 yards 28 td
119 games 114 starts
643 rec 10405 yards 74 td 9 fumbles lost 16 tackles

I do not believe Calvin is an elite receiver anymore. Injuries and age have eroded his skills. He can every now and then be a dominate player but not every game. He still is effective target because of his size and can move the chains.

Golden Tate 6th year in the NFL 2nd in Detroit UFA in 2014
Contract: 4 years remain. $10.1 million cap hit

Golden hangs on Pierce with Joique
Notre Dame: 37 games 157 rec 2707 yards 26td 44 kor 909 yards
16 starts 99 rec 1331 yards 4 td

Great talent. Can run after the catch and create mismatches. Player in his prime and motivated.

Corey Fuller 3rd in Detroit 6th round 2012
Contract:Last year $510,000 hit

Va Tech: 20 games 45 rec 834 yards 6td
16 games 2 starts
14 rec 212 yards 1 td

Shows flashes on being an NFL WR. He has speed and has decent hands. Has not shown the ability to catch in traffic. That is the difference for Corey.

Lance Moore 11th year 1st in Detroit FA 2015
Contract: 1 year $665,000 Hit

Toledo: 49 games 222 rec 2776 yards 25 td
Veteran who spent much of his career in the Saints system. He was productive but struggled last year in Pittsburgh. Does he have anything left?

Ryan Broyles 4 year in Detroit 2nd round 2012
Contract: Last year on contract $1.17 cap hit.

Oklahoma: 48 games 349 rec 4586 yards 45td 
21 games 6 starts
32 rec 410 yards 2 td

Broyles on his last chance. Injuries have ruined his NFL career to this point. This is 1st off season he has had to train not rehab since his junior year in Oklahoma. Can he return to pre-injury form?

Jeremy Ross 5th year in NFL 3rd in Detroit Fa 2013
Contract: last year $660,000 Hit

Cal: 36 games 57 rec 764 yards 3td 
26 games 15 starts
29 rec 377 yards 2td 

Ross in on the hot seat. He struggled in the return game in 2014. Ross was one of the least productive 3rd wr in the league as well. He is a good blocker. Will he emerge?

TJ Jones 2nd year in Detroit 6th round 2014
Contract: 3 years remain $536,500 hit

Notre Dame: 51 games 181 rec 2429 yards 19td
Missed his rookie year with a shoulder injury. He is a dark horse. Good player at ND. Great senior year. Has a shot.

Greg Salas 5th year in NFL 1st in Detroit Free Agent
Contract: 1 year $745,000 hit

Hawaii: 48 games 285 rec 4345 yards 26td
Good special teams player and good candidate for the 5th Wr spot. He can play outside and has a shot.

Andrew Peacock 2nd year in Detroit UDFA 2014
Contract: 2 years $435,000 hit

App State: 48 games 208 rec 2108 yards 9td
Strong player who can play in the slot. Can catch in traffic. Slow not a big play threat.

Vernon Johnson UDFA rookie
Contract: 3 years $435,000 hit

Texas A&M Commerce: 23 games 147 rec 2608 yards 25td 29 KOR 800 Yards 
Quick guy with return skills. Practice Squad?

Jarred Haggins UDFA rookie
Contract: 3 years $435,000 hit

Florida State: 40 games 21 rec 224 yards 
Emerged from the rookie tryout camp. Big, strong but slow. Poor man's Anquan Bolden. Practice squad?

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