Sunday, July 26, 2015

Detroit Lions training camp preview QB

The Lions return the same three QB as in 2014. The only question is will Kellen Moore or Dan Orlovsky be the back up.

Matthew Stafford 7th year 1st pick 2009
77 starts 35-42 record 0-2 playoffs
3 years remain on contract $17,721,250 cap hit
Georgia: 39 games 564/987/33 7731 51 td
2014 Pro Bowl MVP

1848/3099/86  21,497  131 td passing
161/487 11 td rush 13 fumbles lost

Stafford has been a mediocre QB most of his career. He ranked 22 in QBR in 2014. 18th in 2013. Blessed with a cannon arm he continues to make bad decisions. Refuses to go through his progression and makes up his mid where he will go with the ball. This is a pivotal season as his dead money continues to go down after this season.

Dan Orlovsky 11th year 6th in Detroit 5th round pick 2005
12 games 7 Starts 0-7 record NFL 24 games 12 starts 2-10 record
UCONN: 46 games 916/1567/51 10706 84 td
Last year on contract Hit:  $665,000


Passing 150/272/8 1679 yards 8td 
Rushing: 7/29

A favorite of Jim Caldwell. Struggled in his first stint with the Lions bounced around in Tampa, Indy and Houston. Will have to fight off Moore for the back up job. Hope Stafford can continue his healthy ways.

Kellen Moore: 4th year UDFA in 2012
2 years left on contract Cap hit: $830,000
Boise State 53 games 1157/1658/28 14667 142 td

Moore in 2012
Preseason Stats:
106177/3 1096 8

Did not look an NFL QB his 1st 2 years. Rapidly improved since his rookie year. A winner college by lacks arm talent to be a starter in the NFL. Can he be a back up? Hopefully we will never find out.

Garrett Gilbert 2nd year in NFL 1st in Detroit waivers from New England
Contract: 1 year $445,000 cap hit
Texas: 24 games 305/538/23 3301 13 td
SMU: 23 games 603/1010/22 6460  36 td

Picked up druing mini camp as a camp arm. He replaced Anthony Boone an UDFA from Duke. Gilbert has size and an NFL arm but does not have the pedigree. A long shot.

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