Friday, July 31, 2015

Detroit Lions training camp preview Defensive Ends

This group has is also in flux. Losing George Johnson to Tampa and An injury to Jason Jones has put their depth to the test. The Lions will hope young players will rise to the occasion.

Ziggy Ansah 3rd year 1st round pick 2013
Contract: 2 year $5,071,232 hit

30 games 28 starts 15.5 sacks 82 sacks


A key player in 2015. Can he step up to a double digit sack guy and pro bowl player. He becomes the focal point of the line and must provide pressure.

Jason Jones 8th year in the NFL 3rd year in Detroit UFA 2013
Contract: last year $3.98 mil cap hit

19 starts 5 sacks 23 tackles

Key player because he is strong against the run at end and good pass rusher at tackle. He fits well in situational units. Will miss the 1st two preseason games with a minor injury.

Darryl Tapp 10th year in the NFL 2nd in Detroit UFA 2015
Contract: last year $950,000 hit

VA Tech
16 games 0.5 sacks 17 tackles

A solid year for the veteran in 2014. He was strong against the run and offers some speed off the edge. Can play special teams and mentor the young ends.

Devin Taylor 3rd year in Detroit 4th round pick 2013
Contract: 2 years left $660,146 cap hit

South Carolina
30 games 3.5 sacks 29 tackles

A good rookie season was followed by an off year in 2014. He trained in the Jason Jones spot in mini camp. Will he set up?

Larry Webster 2nd year 4th round pick 2014
Contract: 3 years $585,146 hit

Redshirted in 2014. He has put on muscle and hopes to make an impact in 2015. Has great measurables but lacks football experience.

Philip Hunt 6 years in the NFL first in Detroit Free agent 2015
Contract: 1 year $585,000 hit

22 NFL games

a once promising player who got hurt in 2013. Is back healthy and has a chance to stick or be an injury replacement. Could be this years sleeper.

Corey Wooten 6th year in the NFL 1st in Detroit Free Agent 2015
Contract: 1 year $665,000 hit

60 NFL games 22 starts

A versatile player like Jason Jones. If one of the young guys slips up or there is injury Wooten can make the team.

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