Friday, July 31, 2015

Detroit Lions training camp preview Linebackers

A good group in 2014. Should be bolstered by the return of Tulloch and Van Noy.

DeAndre Levy 7th year in Detroit 3rd round pick 2009
Contract: 5 years remain $4.5 million hit

89 games 82 starts 618 tackles 3.5 sacks 12 int

has played an elite level much of the last two seasons. He did wear down late in the season in 2014. He has to be the three down backer for the Lions. This is his contract year.

Stephen Tulloch 10th year in the NFL 5th year in Detroit UDFA 2011
Contract: 2 years left $5.8 million hit

NC State
51 starts 379 tackles 9 sacks 3 int

A great in the box linebacker. Can stop the run and control the tackle to tackle. Lost a step in coverage and is no longer a three down backer. Can he return to his pre ACL tear form.

Tahir Whitehead 4th year 5th round pick 2012
Contract Last year $713,000 hit

46 games 15 starts 106 tackles 2 int 2 sacks

Played well at the MLB in 2014. His beast position is Sam and special teams. He is a valuable player in the this scheme. The teams hardest hitter.

Kyle Van Noy 2nd year 2nd round pick 2014
Contract: 3 years $1.59 million hit

8 games 6 tackles

Rookie year was a wash out. A great player in college who was always around the ball. Will we see him make plays in 2015.

Travis Lewis 4th year in Detroit 7th round 2012
Contract: last contract $674,793

27 games 11 tackles

A guy on the bubble. Struggled the two years. Suspension in 2013 and injury in 2014. Slow player who has not made a lot of plays.

Josh Bynes 5th year in the NFL 2nd in Detroit Free agent 2014
Contract: 2 years $785,000 hit

39 NFL 9 starts  13 Games in Detroit 22 tackle s 1 int

Picked up of the Ravens practice squad after Tully's injury, Played well, Can cover a little and stop the run. A valuable back up and special teams player.

Julian Stanford 4 years in the NFL 3rd in Detroit FA agent 2013
Contract: Final Year $660,000

34 NFL games 6 starts 18 games in Detroit 5 tackles


Another guy on the bubble. Had a big taunting penalty last season vs. Green Bay. He does not make a lot of plays and is limited at LB.

Jerrell Harris 4th year in the NFL 2nd in Detroit Free Agent 2014
Contract: 2 years $435,000 hit


Practice squad guy who was cut early in camp.

Brandon Copeland 3rd year in the NFL 1st in Detroit Free agent 2015
Contract:1 year $460,000 hit


Ravens practice squad guy who blew up the veterans combine. Had offers from multiple teams picked Detroit. I think he makes the team.

Kevin Snyder UDFA Rookie
Contract: 3 years $435,000 hit



Practice squad or bust.

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