Saturday, May 2, 2015

Reaction to the Detroit Lions 2015 Draft

In general, everyone new the Lions needs: OG, DT, CB, RB and WR. How they would address the needs would be the question. The answer is not very well. The Lions never learn from their mistakes.

Round # 1 was okay. Tomlinson, 2 5th rounds and Ramirez. Tomlinson was a 2nd round pick but because of the Collins situation he was bumped up.

Round # 2 Abdullah was not a good pick at that spot. Once Gurley and Gordon were picked there were a bunch guys left. Little difference between 2nd round and 4-5th round. Hopefully, this guy can play and does not eat marijuana like our last 2nd round RB.

Round #3 Carter We traded up to get a guy with 2 int in 40 games in the PAC-12. They throw the ball every down in that league. The lesson that Bentley, Stanley Wilson, Keith Smith should have taught the Lions is take CB early.

Round # 4 Wright Okay a rotational guy who will back up Walker. A young Andre Fluellen.

Round # 5 Burton. He is a FB.

Round # 6 Diggs, Late round CB have little chance but has some fight.

Round # 7 Robinson Late round OL have a chance to be players. This guy has experience and some measurables. Worth a shot.

Overall I have little confidence in this draft class. Outside of the 2013 draft with Ansah, Slay and Warford, Mayhew has really struggled. I see one starter out of this draft.

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