Friday, August 16, 2013

Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland analysis


Offensive Line:

Little movement in the run game:

Missed Blocks:
Reiff 1, Dom 1, Scott 1, Williams 1, Chapas 1, Broyles 1, Hilliard 1

Good Blocks:

Warford 1, Dom 1, Sims 1, Harris 1, Fauria 1

Pass protection;

Not bad

Hilliard struggled. Fox has outplayed him so far.

Hilliard 1

Tipped Passes
Sims, Hilliard


Just we thought, receivers opposite of CJ cannot get open. Two targets to Nate, he was blanketed. Grew is bad . Edwards has not shown much.

Running Backs

Reggie Bush is a stud. 5 broken tackles.



Still not a player opposite of Houston. Bartell 2 Penalities, gave up 34 yard fade. Bentley gave up 2 completions and failed to get his head around again on the fade.


No communication. Don Carey was awful again. A missed tackled and 2 completions for 60 yards. Quin had a missed tackle gave up a touchdown and had a penalty.


Ashlee Palmer is hit and miss, a lot of miss. Terrible in coverage, okay vs. the run. Tahir Whitehead is awful. Cannot tackle in space. Travis Lewis much better inside as is Palmer. DeAndre Levy was not terrible but missed 2 tackles.

Defensive Line:

Fairley and Suh were great. Ansah was stout against the run, little pass rush. Willie Young was back to the bad Willie Young. A non factor and giving up big plays.


The Lions fans worst nightmare. No receivers opposite of Calvin, O-Line cannot run block. No Pass rush from Ends, Linebackers cannot make plays in space, No corners opposite CH23. Safety play god awful and the special teams were bad.

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