Monday, August 26, 2013

Detroit Lions trade QB Thaddeus Lews for LB Chris White

Lions trade 4th string QB Thad Lewis to the Bills for back up LB Chris White. White is a 3rd year man out of Mississippi State. He excels on special teams and could back up on the outside. His acquistion was necessary after the loss of Cory Greenwood. He is scheduled to make $555,000 in 2013 and $645,000 in 2014.

Here is a tribute:

22 games and 19 tackles for White.
1 Forced Fumble

White was a 6th round pick
in 2011
Welcome to Detroit

Detroit Lions trade QB Thaddeus Lewis. Lewis was acquired off of waivers in May.

Here is a tribute:

Lewis was 6/8 60 yards in the preseason
Good Luck Thad

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