Friday, November 28, 2014

Scenes from the Roar Zone thanksgiving 2014

Lions win 2nd Thanksgiving in a row after losing 9 straight.

Here are the scenes:

Happy Thanksgiving from MSW

This Bears was a jerk


Rockin the Ron Rice Jersey
1st goggle game of the year

MR. C with Bennie Blades from the U

Big Joe with this catch

Cassius Vaughn was not horrible

Ebron had 3 catches

Glover Quin with a pick

Bell with 2 tds

Ross with a 1st down

Ziggy was dominant

Waddle was chippy

Theo had 6 catches

Sims gave a strip sack

Corey got the best of this match up

Jason Jones with a sack 

Calvin with 2 td

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