Saturday, April 20, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview trade with Miami possiblity

One trade I want to explore is the Miami trading up their pick # 12 to the Lions for their # 5.

News of note: the Dolphins could trade for Chief OT Brandon Albert

On the NFL draft value chart their is about a 500 point difference. The Dolphins would have to trade pick # 42 (480 points) and a pick or two in the 6th or 7th round. They have pick #146 (33 points) in the 5th round   # 217 (4.6 points)  and #224 (2 Points) in the 7th round.

Basically the trade would probably be something like this Lions get #12, #42, #146 for # 5 and pick # 211.

Here are my top 12 for that pick (I have 3 DT in my overall top but I do not think they will take them there.)

1. Eric Fisher
2. Lane Johnson
3. Ziggy Ansah
4. Luke Joeckel
5. Dion Jordan
6. Tavon Austin
7. Dee Milliner
8. Chance Warmack
9. Jon Cooper
10. Desmond Trufant
11. DJ Fluker
12. Xavier Rhodes

If they could get a guy in the top 9 of that list that would be great.

The trade would look something like this

Lions get: 

#12 Tavon Austin
#36 Alex Okafor
#42 David Amerson
#65 Brian Winters
#132 Dion Sims
#137 Willam Gholston
#146 Vinson Painter
#171 Cierre Wood
#245 Will Campbell

No elite tackle but you pick up possiblity Austin and additional corner like Amerson or Banks. Tackle would come later.

Drafting a DT at 12 would be either Sharriff Floyd (Probably gone) Sheldon Richardson or Star Loytulelei
Either guy would replace Suh in 2015.

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