Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Detroit Lions DE Ronnell Lewis arrested in Oklahoma

The second Lion to be arrested this off season is Ronnell Lewis. He follows Amari Spievey who was arrested in Connecticut.

This the 16th Lion arrest since 2001

Ronnell Lewis
Bar Fight 4/23/2013

Amari Spievey 3/26/2013
Domestic Violence

Mikel LeShoure 2/18/2012, 3/12/2012
Dope Twice

Nick Fairley 4/3/2012, 5/27/2012
Dope And DUI

Johnny Culbreath 1/23/2012

Aaron Berry 6/23/2012, 7/21/2012
DUI and Gun Play

Ross Verba 1/2/2007
Bad Checks

Kenoy Kennedy 10/6/2006

Kalvin Pearson 4/26/2008
Battery and strangulation of a pregnant women

David Kircus 6/25/2005

Kalimba Edwards 5/29/2005
Resisting Arrest

Aaron Gibson 7/13/2001
Fight at nightclub in Pontiac
Brock Marion 5/25/2004

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