Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Scouting Report Zach Cunningham, Raekwon McMillian and Jarrad Davis

Did some film on these linebackers: Zach Cuningham, Jarrad Davis, Raekwon McMillian.

Cunningham from Vanderbilt is best of these three. Always around the ball, sifts thru the trash. A long, lanky guy. Can cover ground in the pass game. It will be interesting where he is selected. He is not an impact player but a solid three down linebacker. I grade him 6.8 Solid starter as a rookie

Davis from Florida. A tight wound explosive athlete. He rocks guard and fullbacks with arms. However, misses tackles and gets fooled a lot. Runs around without finding the ball. He will test well but I don't like his instinct. Probably a 2nd round pick. 6.2 a back up with upside.

Raekwon McMillian for the Ohio State. A good run defender. Can take on blocks and shed for the tackle. Lacks range and can get beat to the corner. Probably a 2 down mike backer. Needs to gain weight to be an NFL Mike. 6.4 Eventually a starter in his 2 or third year.

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