Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Martin Mayhew and draft day trades


Lions trade WR Roy Williams and Vance Walker for TE Brandon Pettigrew, WR Derrick Williams and Aaron Brown

Lions trade 3rd round pick (Shonn Greene) For DeAndre Levy, Sammie Hill And Lydon Murtha

Lions Trade Cory Redding and a 5th (Jason Phillips) for Julian Peterson

Lions trade 6th rd (Tom Brandstatter) for Zach Follett and 2010 5th round (traded it)


WIlliams trade was horrible for both teams. Lions trade back and get Levy and Hill.

Peterson trade was awful


Lions trade 2nd (Chris Cook) 4th (Everson Griffin) and 7th Mickey Shuler for Jahvid Best and Jason Fox

Lions trade 5th (Kam Chancellor) and DE Robert Henderson for OG Rob Sims and Willie Young

Lions trade 5th round pick (Cam Thomas) for Corey Williams

Lions trade 6th (Shann Schillger) and 2011 7th (Andrew Jackson) for Chris Houston

Lions trade 7th  Levi Brown for KO Simpson

Lions trade Tyler Polumbus for 2012 7th Traded to Vikings (Trevor Guyton)


Best trade looks horrible. Cook and Griffin are quality players.

Kam Chancellor for Sims and Young. Good for both teams.

Draft picks for quality starters Houston and Corey Williams


Lions trade 3rd John Moffitt 4th Kris Durham 5th Richard Sherman 7th Laz Livngston for Mikel LeShoure, Doug Hogue and Johnny Culbreath

Lions trade 6th Byron Maxwell for Lawrence Jackson

Lions trade Dan Gronkowski for Alphonso Smith

Lions trade Kevin O Connell for 7th (Frank Kearse) than trade that for Shaun Hill


LeShoure trade was god awful. Richard Sherman hurts.

Maxwell for LJ

We traded three members of the legion of boom.

Kevin O'Connell for Shaun Hill good trade.


Lions trade 4th Joe Looney for Ronnell Lewis and Jonte Green

Lions trade 2012 7th (Trevor Guyton) 2013 4th (Josh Boyce) for Tahir Whitehead and Travis Lewis

Lions trade 5th (Jack Crawford and 7th (Nate Stupar for Chris Greenwood


A lot of nothing here. Whitehead is probably the best player here.

Lions trade 5th Jesse Williams for Sam Martin and Theo Riddick


Good trade Williams never played and Martin and Riddick have been solid.


Lions trade 2nd Paul Richardson 4th Russell Bodine 7th Kiero Small for Kyle Van Noy and 5th we trade (Devin Street)

Lions trade 5th Devin Street for Caraun Reid and Nate Freese

Lions trade 5th Aaron Lynch for WR Mike Thomas


Trading up for KVN looks horrible. At least Lions acquired Reid with a pick.

Mike Thomas trade was a bust


Lions trade 1st Shane Ray for Manny Ramirez Laken Tomlinson traded 5th (MyCole Pruitt) and 2016 5th

Lions trade 3rd (Danelle Hunter) and 5th (MyCole Pruitt) for Alex Carter

Lions trade 2016 third rd for Gabe Wright

Lions trade 4th (Zadarius Smith and 5th Shaq Riddick for Haloti Ngata and 7th (Joey Iosefu)

Lions trade George Johnson and 7th Joey Iosefu for Michael Burton

Tomlinson trade looks good.

Carter looks awful. Two quality player for a bust.

Wright looks bad. CVannot get on the field for a third next year.

Ngata trade hurts. Guy was washed up.

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