Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interview with Detroit Lions fan and expert

The following is the transcript of an interview 9/7/2013 with a Detroit Lions expert my 9 year old

Son loves him sum Lions

Blog: What do you think about the Detroit Lions?

Son: They are terrible. I think they will go 2-14 this season Beating the Bucs and Eagles

Blog: Why do you think they will be so bad?

Son: They lose to every single team. They never win. They did beat two bird teams last season (Eagles, Seahawks). But they were terrible against the Cards, Falcons and the Ravens this year. I hate the Falcons and Cardinals the most. We always lose to the Ravens.

Halloween 2012
Blog: Who is your favorite Lions player?

Son: Megatron he is awesome. We were about to score against the Falcons but we didn't.

Son with Lions bust Derrick Williams
Blog: How many games have been to at Ford Field?

Son: Last year 2. The best game was the Bills (preseason)

Blog: What do the Lions have to do to get better?

Son: They have to train harder. Then they could beat the Cardinals but not the Falcons. They train harder than us.

At training camp
Blog: If you were the coach of the Lions, what would you do?

Son: I would say let's go, Let's go. move it.

Roar Zone

At the 2011 Chargers game
Blog Staff predictions about this season:

9 year old 2-14
Mr. C 3-13
Wife 4-12
Mr. Pass 5-11
Masta P 10-6 (wild card)

With Billy

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