Sunday, July 10, 2016

Detroit Lions Offensive Tackles

Lions look to shore up a major weakness by selecting Taylor Decker with # 16. This switches Reiff over to Right Tackle. Bob Quinn used 3 picks in the first 5 rounds to help develop draft.

Active Roster
Taylor Decker
Riley Reiff
Cornelius Lucas
Corey Robinson
Brian Mihalik

Practice Squad

Taylor Decker*1324
Riley Reiff164.56
Michael Ola922
Cornelius Lucas1514
Corey Robinson100
Joe Dahl*93N/A
Chase Farris*1344

Riley Reiff 5th year in Detroit 63 games 55 starts
1st round pick 2012
Playoffs 1 start
College Iowa 39 games 37 starts
Contract 1 year $8,070,000
Combine: 6056 313 5.16 26 26.5 802 4.75 7.87 arm 33.5

The Lions picked up the option on Reiff and moved him right tackle. Reiff struggles with speed rushers and is better suited to be a right tackle. He will get his chance in 2016.

Taylor Decker Rookie 1st round Draft Pick
College: Ohio State 54 games 42 starts
Contract 5 years $1,993,996
Combine: 6070 315 5.16 22 29 805 4.76 7.7 arm 33 3/4

Tabbed at # 16 and installed at Left Tackle. Decker will have to prove he can handle speed rushers. Pro Football Focus did not like him and thought he would struggle. I thought he was a right tackle.

Michael Ola 6th year n the NFL 23 games 19 starts 2nd in Detroit  9 games 7 starts
FA 2015 Chargers, Bears, Dolphins, Alouettes, Sharks
College Hampton 38 games 22 starts
Contract 1 year $600,000
Pro day: 6024 304 5.23 25 29.5 900 4.8  7.35

Ola came in from waivers in midseason and solidified the right side. He was play was average but it was a great improvement. When he was injured during the Packers game, The offense shut down. Will be the swing back up. Waived because injury picked up by the Bills.

Cornelius Lucas 3rd in Detroit 30 games 6 starts
UDFA 2014
College: Kansas State 38 games 26 starts
Contract: 1 year $606,668

Pressed into action in 2014 he looked to have a future. In 2015 struggled and could not nail down the right tackle job. Will have to compete for the fourth tackle slot.

Corey Robinson 2nd year in Detroit 1 game
7th round pick 2015
College: South Carolina 38 games 35 starts
Contract 3 years $539,477
Pro Day: 6065 324 5.34 28 31 900 4.81 8.4 arm 35 5/8

A project after being drafted in the 7th round in 2015, Corey is on the fence for a roster spot. He played 1 game in 2015, the game at San Diego and did not dress again. Starts the season the PUP list but removed on August 1. Will compete for the 4th tackle spot.

Luke Marquardt 4th year in the NFL
FA 2016 Jets, 49ers
College Azusa Pacific 30 games 25 starts
Contract: 1 year $450,000

4th year guy who has never played in an NFL game. Comes off of two foot surgeries.

Brian Mihalik 2nd year in the NFL
Practice Squad Steelers 2016
College Boston College 85 tackles 8.5 sacks 1 int
Contract Practice Squad
Pro day: 6087 302 4.89 23 35.5 1002 7.23 4.37

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