Friday, April 15, 2016

Detroit Lions draft Preview QB

Detroit Lions have stated they will likely bring in a rookie QB from this years crop. I think the could draft a prospect on the third day or wait for UDRFA to emerge after the draft. Here are the players the Lions have been linked with and my evaluation:

Obviously, Carson Weenz, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook will be gone. Dak Prescott is off their board.

Brandon Allen QB Arkansas- 3rd round grade. The Lions met with him at his pro day. Needs a couple of years to sit before he is ready to play. Probably to rich for Lions n the 3rd round.

Jeff Driskel QB LA Tech- 5th round grade. Lions interviews him at his pro day. He fits the description of a developmental QB. Excellent size and ability. Needs at least three years to prepare but has upside.

Kevin Hogan QB Stanford- 5th round grade. Lions have had multiple interactions with Hogan. a three year starter who improved in his senior year. Good athlete above average arm. Bob Quinn loves smart guys from good schools.

Josh Woodrum QB Liberty-6th round grade. Great size and arm. Comes from a small school and major development. Has tools needs coaching.

Jake Rudock QB Michigan- 7th round grade. Played himself into draft consideration at Michigan., Good athlete with an accurate arm. Needs time to develop but could be a solid back up down the line.

Blake Frohnapfel QB UMASS 7th round grade- Big guy 6055 233 lbs and big arm. Good athlete. Needs a lot of development. Would be a good 3rd guy for awhile.

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