Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson to retire

The story finally leaked today. Sources told me on Sunday that was to happen. I confirmed it on Monday. Calvin is beat up, does not want to released or subject to trade rumors, does not want to start over with a new offense and is getting to Brittany McNorton this summer.

Calvin finishes his career with

Regular Season: 135 games 130 starts. 19 rushes 167 yard 1 td. 731 rec 11619 yards 83 td 10 fumbles lost. 17 tackles.

Playoffs 2 games 17 rec 296 yards 2 td.

Pre season 45 rec 827 yards 7 td

This leaves a hole for the Lions at the # 1 Wr spot. A free agent or early draft pick is possible.

Here is a tribute:

MR. C with Calvin

CJ and Nate

Mr. C with Brittany McNorton

CJ is the Snow at Philly

The Calvin Rule

10 career lost fumbles

Final Thanksgiving game

Only career rushing touchdown

6 pro bowls

2nd pick out GA Tech in 2007

good luck Calvin

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