Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Detroit Lions DE Ziggy Ansah named to first Pro Bowl

Ziggy Ansah was named to his first Pro bowl. The first Lions Defensive End since Robert Porcher in 2001. Zig has a monster year and was a no brainer pick even on a bad team.

Here is a tribute:

Zig has 13.5 sacks this season 2nd in the NFL

Congrats Zig

Just for fun here is my scouting report on Zig January 28, 2013. After the senior bowl

Draft Prospect Ziggy Ansah Detroit Lions breakdown

Took some time to breakdown prospect BY DE Ziggy Ansah. Ansah is a half year starter with limited experience. However, his play at the senior bowl and the films I watched, I rate him as a rare prospect.

Ziggy Ansah
Senior Bowl Practices:

Ansah at the Senior Bowl
South MVP

I saw two practices for the South and he did not impress me. He was handled in the one on ones and did little in the team drills.

In the game he was the best player on the field. He had great pursuit and ability to make impact plays.

The two films I watched were Boise and Utah.

He was great in both films. He lined up all over the place, 1 3 5 and 9 technique. The things that stood out include violent arms. He knocked back blockers with hands everytime. This made him able to control blockers and make tackles. He had a knack to block passes at the line. His pursuit was excellent. He made plays against the run and the pass.

I went back and broke down the Notre Dame film. I saw much of the same I saw in his other games. Explosive upper body, the ability to separate from lineman and make tackles. He played mostly inside in this game and was easily the best player on BYU.

Martin Mayhew has a big choice to make at # 5. He had a whole week with Ansah at the Senior Bowl. Ansah is a tough projection because of his limited experience but his ability is rare. I think he needs to be in the conversation at # 5.

Lions pro bowl all-time on defense

Suh (4) 2010,12-14
Shaun Rogers (2) 04-05
Robert Porcher (3) 97,99,01
Luther Elliss (2) 99-00
Jerry Ball (3) 89-91
Doug English (4) 78,81-83
Bubba Baker (3) 78-80
Roger Brown (5) 62-66
Alex Karras (4) 60-65

Stephen Boyd (2) 99-00
Chris Spielman (4) 89-91, 94
Pat Swilling 1993
Mike Cofer 1988
Mike Lucci 1971
Paul Naumoff 1970
Wayne Walker (3) 63-65
Joe Schmidt (10) 54-63
Fred Vanzo 1939

Dre Bly (2) 03-04
Bennie Blades 1991
Lem Barney (7) 67-76
Dick Jauron 1974
Dick LeBeau (3) 64-66
Night Train Lane (3) 60-62
Yale Lary (9) 53-64
Jack Christiansen (5) 53-57
Jim David (6) 54-59
Don Doll (3)50-52
Bill Stits 1954

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