Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scenes from the Roar Zone loss to the Cardinals

A pathetic performance by the winless Lions highlighted by 6 turnovers.

My son declared to me today that he is no longer a Lions fans. He took all Lions swag out of his room and donated it to the man cave. He said " I cannot be a fan of a team that hurts themselves."

Son at Training Camp
No longer a Lions fan

I respect and applaud his decision.

Here are the scenes:

MR. C rocking a #34 Zach Zenner Jersey
A happy Mr. C rocking some Akinyele on the way to Ford Field
while driving a mini van

A happy MSW waits to enter Ford Field

An excellent view of the Zenner Jersey
notice the name plate is stapled on.

MSW leaving Ford Field in the 3rd quarter

An unhappy MSW on Woodward

Outside of the Fillmore

A Beautiful View of MSW with Ford Field and Comerica Park

MR.C with a chain link fence in Detroit

By the way, I yelled the Ford Family thanks you to Billy Sims he died laughing.

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