Monday, December 22, 2014

Detroit Lions Center Dom Raiola suspended for a stomp

14 year veteran center Dom Raiola has been suspended for 1 game by the NFL. He stomped the leg of DT Ego Ferguson of LSU. Dom has been awful this season. He has been man handled on the run and the pass. It is likely rookie Travis Swanson will start in his place. Swanson struggled with his snaps in the preseason. He was just short of horrible in his 4 starts at guard. He started over 50 games at center at Arkansas.

If Swanson can show he handle the job, Dom should never plat for the Lions again. He has had 6 incidents of being cheap according to the NFL since 2010. His performance does warrant his undisciplined ways. In addition, He screws up snaps regularly. according to Raiola has been disciplined twice by the Lions for fan altercations. He was fined $7,500 in 2008 and$15,000 in 2010. You may recall him taunting the Wisconsin marching band and not paying them the contribution.

Look for the Lions to make Rodney Austin active and promote OT Michael Williams to the 53.

Here is a tribute:

A close up of the stomp


Cheap shot on Zach Moore

After snapping the ball on a dead count to lose the Titans game
Dom taunts the crowd
Stay Classy Dom

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