Sunday, August 10, 2014

Detroit Lions vs. Browns preseason win 13-12

Lions win 13-12 over the Browns:

My impressions:

Orvlosky sucks. We need to keep Moore. If Staff gets hurt we go 0-16.

Defense was confused by misdirection in the bootleg game.

Steven Miller struggled early. A big drop and a fumble but played well down the stretch.

I like the RB position. We have some depth.

That last WR spot will be interesting.

Montell Owens is great special teams.

Kicker were fine. Coverage was bad.

Here are the scenes

Isa looks at Johnny Football

AJ Dalton Celebrates

Ebron did very little

Freese with 2 Field goals

Andrew Peacock # 1 celebrates with
#10 Corey Fuller

Gio kicksoff

Isa had a pick

UDFA rookie DE Kris Redding
1 PBU 1 FR

Jason Maxwell with a catch

Q Payton had a catch and a drawn penalty

Slay in the # 23

George Winn

Larry Webster

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