Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Detroit Lions RB George Winn Waive OG DJ Morrell

Lions sign 2nd year man RB George Winn out of Cincinnati to eat some training camp carries. He was UDFA in 2013 and played in the preseason with the Patriots. A Southfield native who attended U of D.

Here is a tribute:

Preseason with the Pats 2013
15att 52 yards 1 td

at Cinci, 37 games
321 att 1719 yards 5.3 ave 15td
19 rec 159 yards 0td
Combine/Pro day: 5104 218 4.65 4.53 22 34.5" 911 4.33 7.13

Welcome to Detroit

Lions waive UDFA OG DJ Morrell out of Old Dominion. He was one of 5 UDFA OL signed after the draft.

Good luck DJ

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