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The History of Detroit Lions WR Titus Young updated May 25

Here is a history of former Detroit Lions WR Titus Young

At Boise State:

October 2008, sophomore year at Boise. Suspended three games for attitude. The suspension was upgraded to the whole year. Coach Chris Petersen said Titus and the team needed 'time apart.' He stated no team rules were violated. (Bleacher Report Oct 27, 2008)

2009 season banned from talking to the media.

Draft process:

According Travelle Gaines of then API, Titus Young lasted one day at Carson City, Califorina Campus of Athletes Performance. He was banned for threatening an intern who timed Titus at 4.6 in the 40. He excepted to run a 4.3. He ran 4.43 at the combine and 4.39 at his pro day.


Detroit Lions GM Martin Millen sorry Mayhew (I get those guys confused) selects Titus 44th overall in the 2nd round ahead of Torrey Smith, Randall Cobb etc...

Rookie Season: 48 catches 607 yards 6td
Titus plays pretty well but his temper is evident. Example the Sunday Night game at New Orleans a personal foul causing Dom's infamous 'Grow up' rant.

2nd year:

Sucker punches S Louis Delmas. Not a great choice as Delmas describes himself as "I'm from North Miami I came out of the womb shooting live bullets." Young is banned from the training facility in Allen Park.

Game 1: Punches Rams Janoris Jenkins away from the ball. 15 yard penality.

Green Bay game.
Lines up incorrectly on purpose to get a pass which was intended for Tony Scheffler. This causes a Lions timeout and a fight on the sideline between Coaches Scott Linehan and Shawn Jefferson.

11/19/2012 Young banned from the team.

11/28/2012 Allowed back for practice.

11/30/2012 gives the infamous sunglasses interview

Dom Responds:
It's not a distraction because we have moved on from him. If he wants to be an [expletive], let him be an [expletive]. It's not my problem. What we can control is the guys who want to be here. I want people who want to be here and I think everybody else wants the same thing.
"The more we think about it, the more we talk about it, that's what holds this team back. We don't talk about it, we don't think about it, you know, we have a good group on offense. Don't be an [expletive]. Don't be a jerk. Just go with the flow."

11/31/2012 Is such a distraction to the team at the Saturday Night meeting he is sent home for good.

1st week of  January 2013. Martin Mayhew brings in Titus' parents to Allen Park for a Parent Coach meeting.

Titus starts a Twitter rampage

2/4/2013 Titus Young released by the Detroit Lions.

2/5/2013 Claimed on Waivers by The Rams. He is waived ten days later. Coach Jeff Fisher said “We spent four or five days with him, and as an organization -- at the end of the interview process, you might call it -- we felt it was best to go in another direction. We felt Titus is better suited for another organization.”

5/4/2013 Steals from gas station twice. Including cigars and candy.
5/5/2013 Titus Young arrested twice in one day. DUI and stealing his own car.

5/5/2013 Titus Young has a picture and story of his actions at an AT&T store in Metro Detroit come out on

Titus takes a nap at AT&T
5/10/2013 Titus Young arrested for breaking into a home in San Clemente, CA. He then tried to fight the police after they tracked him down on foot. He has $75,000 bond. He was spotted near a house and fled the scene, later was snooping around cars, then arrested for breaking and entering. 

The cops said "Titus was fast but my deputy was faster."

3rd mug shot in one week


Titus Young charged with 11 counts. Did not respond to Judge Andre Manssourian. He raised the bail to $50,000. Young has been in jail since May 11.
good luck Titus

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