Monday, March 25, 2013

Detroit Lions draft preview CB Will Davis

Broke down 4 films (Utah, LA Tech, NM State, SJSU ) plus work in the senior bowl. I see him as a talented player but has a few holes in his game.

2012: 64t 5 int
Combine: 5113 186 4.51 16 reps 36.5 Vj 1007 broad 4.02 20 6.52 ldrill.

Strengths: can run with receivers and play the ball in the air. Will get his head around on most plays. Has good hands and will under cut slant routes.

Weakness: gambler who will bite on the double move. Has little interest in run support. Lost more battles than he won with Quinton Patten.

Bottom line: has the tools to cover in the NFL. That is enough to get him drafted in the 1st two days. I could see him as a boom or bust guy. 6.3 nickel or dime guy with starter upside.

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